Millward Brown says attitudes towards mobile ads are mixed

Rating: Emerging markets are more tolerant to them

According to a new survey from Millward Brown its AdReaction 2012 Report attitudes towards are currently mixed. A third of consumers will tolerate ads on mobile websites and in apps, 36 per cent and 34 per cent respectively, as long as the sites and apps are free. 17 per cent of UK smartphone or tablet users are favourable towards mobile ads, compared with 34 per cent for online display ads, 46 per cent for newspapers and 55 per cent for TV. Attitudes toward mobile ads are more positive in emerging markets such as Nigeria and Kenya (both 48 per cent favourable); India (43 per cent); and South Africa (30 per cent). This percentage of those favourable towards mobile advertising is much higher among people in the 18-34 age group, who have grown up with mobile advertising, at 55 per cent and 65 per cent respectively.

The report shows that apps on mobiles have good potential, but usability and relevance are the key to success. Display and text-based mobile ads are particularly disliked by UK consumers.

“Mobile ads are around four times more effective than online ads at increasing brand awareness, message association and purchase intent, according to our AdIndex for Mobile,” said Angela Whitelaw, commercial director, media & digital, with Millward Brown.

Globally, attitudes toward ads on tablets are more positive (29 per cent), as are attitudes towards social media news feeds on mobile devices (35 per cent).

More details of the report are available here.

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