Mini cab app- Kabbee gets its 0.5mth user

And it works on Windows Phone 8 (WP8) too

proof point of our advanced technology - peters

London’s leading minicab comparison and booking app, Kabbee, has just celebrated its third birthday with its 0.5 millionth user downloads. GoMo News knows exactly why the app has become so popular. Firstly, London cabbies [black cab taxi] drivers accidentally gave the app a whole bunch of publicity when they protested against the Uber car booking app. (See ‘London cabbies spark 850% rise in Uber downloads‘). Secondly, anyone who has tried to negotiate with black cab drivers @ Heathrow airport will need this app. Thirdly it works on all leading OS – including Windows Phone 8 (WP8).

Kabbee reckons that its users have saved themselves a  over £9 million in total, since the app launched in June 2011.

That’s based on 7.5 million quotes for mini cab fares compared to the same journeys by black cab.

GoMo News wishes it had downloaded the app when a black cab driver quoted us £35 to take us five miles from Heathrow Airport.

A mini cab eventually did the same journey (late at night) for £20.

Consequently Kabbee tells us that 25 per cent of all  its bookings are taking passengers to and from London’s five airports.

However, Paddington (because of the Heathrow link) and Euston (because of the Eurostar) overground stations ranked highly, whilst Westminster is the top location that’s not an airport or station.

Crucially Kabbee claims to be the only minicab app available for Londoners which works across all mobile platforms.

So not only can you download it for iPhone and Android,  you can also run it on Blackberry 10 and  even Windows Phone (WP8).

Justin Peters, Kabbee CEO  commented, “With new minicab apps launching every month, it’s vital that Kabbee is always delivering the best possible consumer experience.”

He continued, “Kabbee version 2.3 [the latest version] is another proof point of our advanced, innovative technology, which is the main differentiator between Kabbee and other minicab and taxi apps.”

Kabbee has now also launched its popular Track my Kabbee feature on the Android platform which enables users to track exactly where their minicab is in real time.

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