Mobile advertising and marketing hot news: digital news, opt-in and ad spend

Welcome to 2011′s first GoMo News round-up of the hottest mobile marketing and advertising stories! We see the hottest predictions for 2011; the growth of opt-in advertising in India; and much more…

2011 PREDICTIONS – mobile industry executives expect mobile advertising to be one of the big stories of 2011. According to a MediaPost poll of top execs, the top 3 stories of the next year will be the continuing ascent of Android and Google, along with 4G deployments and mobile marketing:

OPT-IN ADVERTISING – mobile advertising company Blyk has had mixed fortunes since it’s launch 5 years ago… but it has been doing great business in India since it launched with Aircel there in November last year. There’s a great interview with Blyk founder Antti Ohrling here on Voice&Data, about the important of relevance and content in mobile advertising, as opposed to just good data speeds.

DIGITAL NEWSSTAND – it seems that advertising and marketing may be an important weapon for Google when it comes to selling news. News stories are surfacing concerning Google’s attempts to build a mobile newsstand that will allow it to sell media from news companies across mobile and tablet devices. In order to pip Apple to the post, the company is said to be offering serious mobile marketing opportunities:

MOBILE AD-SPEND – according to Enders Analysis, the UK mobile advertising industry will see at least £419 million spent on marketing during 2015, compared to £46 million spent in 2009:

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