Mobile gaming: Optimus launches cross-platform portal with Selatra

Today sees some great news for Irish mobile gaming veterans Selatra. The Cork-based company has announced that it has launched a cross-platform mobile gaming portal for Portuguese operator Optimus.

What’s the story?

Selatra has been around since 2002, and has weathered a lot of changes in the mobile gaming industry – but it’s primary objective remains the same: sell wide-scale gaming platforms to mobile operators (something it does in 55 countries). While it’s technically a “mobile gaming” company, the actual offering from Selatra is centered around sales and distribution platforms that will work across the entire range of devices in a network. The important work that Selatra does is with storefronts and platforms. It does offer applications and games to mobile operators, but these are sourced from 3rd party companies.

What is it doing for Optimus?

Sonaecom is the telecoms branch of the vast Portuguese company Sonae – and Optimus is the single brand that Sonaecom runs. The operator claims to be the only integrated telecoms player in Portugal, serving over 30% of the Portuguese population with roughly 4 million users on board.

When Optimus decided it wanted a platform that it could use to sell games to all of its subscribers, Selatra got the job. It has created a single portal that will allow Optimus to both sell and distribute games to the various mobile OSs it supports; including J2ME, Android and others. Each OS will be able to access an optimized storefront, and download from the 1k+ games that Seltra has sourced.

What we think?

It’s easy to lose track of scale when you look at the mobile applications industry. People tend to focus on companies like Apple and GetJar, who issue press releases with figures rating in the billions. So this story may not be of the scale people have gotten used to from other companies – but this is still a big deal. An Irish company has powered a platform to help one of Portugals biggest operators shift mobile games to several million subscribers, and that’s no small accomplishment.

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