Mobile Marketing Roundup: Google mobile ads interface, China apps explosion and more…

Here’s your Thursday round-up of the hottest mobile marketing stories from across the globe.

Today’s edition looks at China’s explosion in app usage; mobile marketing predictions for 2012; Google’s new mobile apps interface and more..

Flurry: China’s App Usage Has Gone Through The Roof

China has the most cell phone users in the world, and according to mobile app analytics firm Flurry, they’re using apps more than they ever have before.

For their latest report, Flurry tracked mobile app sessions (essentially, instances of use) across 120,000 apps from January to October 2011. Among other things, they were able to single out the ten countries where apps sessions have increased the most.

More than a million Irish people now open to mobile ads

The number of Irish adults who own a smartphone has jumped by 20pc to 750,000 since the end of 2010, according to a new study, which also suggests that more than a million people are open to mobile ads, and that there is increasing openness to location-based advertising.

Google pushes out mobile stats interface

Ever wondered how many internet-using young men in Denmark watch TV while using their smartphone? No? Oh. Well, anyway, now you can find out, thanks to a new survey and analysis service from Google…

Mobile marketing: the facts you need for 2012

Bizcommunity’s Kevin Bassett outlines his predictions for mobile marketing in 2012

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