Mobile now play major part in video conferencing

Blue Jeans reckons that 1 in 3 of all video confers have 1 mobile

use a handset to join a conference from the beachThe latest edition of its ‘The State of the Modern Meeting’ report Blue Jeans has revealed that a third of all meeting now include a participant on a mobile device. This is particularly significant since incidences of video conferencing have themselves increased by 400 per cent over the last 12 months. Interestingly,London is the most connected city for business meetings in Europe. It ousts rival hubs such as Munich, Paris, Dublin, Madrid, and Berlin for inter-European collaboration.

Unsurprisingly London is the most connected city in the UK. Cambridge, Glasgow and Northampton make up the rest of the Big Four in the UK.

GoMo News reckons that Northampton beat other heavyweights such as Manchester and Liverpool because it is a popular location for distribution centres for England.

Another key finding from the research concerns modern business meeting timings.

An average business meeting lasts 45 minutes with an average of five participants.

41 per cent of meetings take place on Tuesday and Wednesdays making them the two most productive meeting days of the week.

One significant trend is that meeting owners are getting sick of having to decide in advance what kind of meeting to convene.

For example, will it  be an audio; video; or web conference? So instead they are increasingly choosing converged conferencing solutions.

Consequently, GoMo News thinks it has spotted another reason why mobile users are increasingly becoming conference participants.

The report found that 39 per cent of video-centric meetings also have at least one audio-only participant- up from 35 per cent in June [2013].

Importantly, three quarters (71 per cent) of people believed they had lost a deal due to the lack of face-to-face interaction.

Mobile traffic spikes in the evening and morning, with three times more participants joining at 6 pm versus 5 pm on their mobile devices and two times as many at 7 am versus 8 am.

The report is compiled using data from more than one million Blue Jeans customers in 177 countries and a survey of 391 business decision makers.

More information from the report is available here.

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