Momac & CallFactory unite to proved 1 click billing

Safeklick aims to provide a one-stop solution for merchants

Callfactory which is a subsidiary of Dutch MNO (Mobile Network Operator) KPN, has joined forces with Momac to provide a one click billing offering – Safeklick. Callfactory is a leading provider of mobile payment and messaging services, enabling on-device payments across all operators in The Netherlands and Belgium. Momac’s mvolve platform powers mobile internet and app solutions for MNO worldwide. The pair claim that Safeklick provides a one-stop solution for merchants.

“A seamless user experience for m-payment is a key component of a successful m-commerce strategy,” calims Momac’s CEO Sham Careem.

Careem continued, “We’re pleased to bring our technology and expertise to KPN to make their merchants more profitable.”

Having all the Dutch and Belgian operators as trusted partners, Safeklick offers integrated content billing or premium SMS billing.

The new Safeklick mobile portal providing customers greater control and visibility on their payments and subscriptions.

Momac’s development of an improved reporting tool enables Safeklick merchants deeper insight into performance.

“Momac came with the most accurate and future-proof solution to create seamless payment services for our merchants,” claimed Bas Swierstra, product manager with Callfactory.

“Together with Momac, we developed a very attractive payment method for markets where mobile payments are rapidly growing:- gaming; media; and over-the-top (OTT) TV.

The pair claim to be able to provide worldwide messaging services via over 900 operator connections.

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