More rumours about Apple’s iWatch emerge

Speculation that Apple will finally release its vision of wearable technology in terms of a smartwatch – commonly beleived to be called the iWatch, have emerged once more. There have been multiple reports all suggesting that Apple’s smartwatch is finally becoming a step closer to reality with a Taiwanese company, Quanta Computers, will in the frame to starting production next month [July 2014]. Perhaps most signficantly, such a production schedule would almost certainly lead to first product availability for the iWatch as early as October [2014].

The delay between first manufacture and commerical availability could be that Apple has ambitious plans for the iWatch and expects to sell 50 million of the devices in its first twelve months.

That’s an impressive figure. If GoMO News’ memory serves it correctly, when the iPhone first came out the company only expected to sell some six million units.

We’d question whether there are 50 million existing iPhone users ready to buy the iWatch as soon as it is released.

That leaves two possible scenarios: – one that the iWatch would be compatible with other mobile OS like Android. That’s extremely unlikely.

The second one is more plausible. That the iWatch will be a standalone device just like an iPod, although it could be used in conjunction with other Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad.

Hence the revelation that the iWatch “will only work with other Apple devices for tasks such as messaging.” Makes sense.

The fact that it will have “a touch interface”. Is hardly revolutionary.

However, the fatc that it has a 2.5-inch diagonal face and is “slightly rectangular and will protrude slightly from the band, creating an arched shape,” sounds like a genuine leak

Perhaps the most revealing leak is the fact that LG will initially make the iWatch’s screen.

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