More speculation on telecoms consolidation in ST

This time it is TalKTalk but we think Vodafone should be a US MVNO

Writing in his Sunday Times column here*, business editor, Dominic O’Connell, speculates that there is going to be a “crunching down of the telecoms industry into a handful of global players.” There are, of course, loads of references in here to rumours that GoMo News has covered in the past. Such as the fact that the USA’s AT&T has made it quite obvious that it wants to gain a serious foothold in Europe. Dominic also mentions another of our favourites – namely that Mexico’s Carlos Slim (of Telmex fame) is also sniffing around Europe. However, O’Connell seems to have a new rumour about TalkTalk. Meanwhile, GoMo News has a theory that Vodafone ought to become an MVNO in the USA.

O’Connell is keen on the idea that that veteran deal maker, Sir Charles Dunstone, might be thinking about flogging TalkTalk to either EE or Vodafone.

Now that is going to be an interesting one for UK regulator, Ofcom.  In addition to its fixed broadband network (which is presumably what EE or Vodafone is after), the company has a half decent MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) in the shape of TalkTalk Mobile.

So if EE or Vodafone (which actually hosts TalkTalk Mobile) acquires the fixed braodband side, will they be forced to divest themselves of the associated MVNO?

And talking of MVNOs, GoMo has come up with a brilliant wheeze [idea] for Vodafone now that it has almost divested itself of its US operators to Verizon.

Why doesn’t Vodafone strike a deal with a US Based MNO to become an MVNO and service is existing customers who visit the USA in this way?

Oh, and this time Vodafone – try picking a MBO who is GSM based not cdmaOne? (not Verizon or Sprint Nextel in other words).

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