MORE visual voicemail! Communology offers white-label version of increasingly ubiquitous service

German-based Communology today announced it’s new LiveMedia visual voicemail service at CTIA. Shortly after Google, Comverse and Alcatel-Lucent have all announced similar services, Communology has offered a white-label version for anyone who wants it. T-Mobile is already on board, and will be rolling the service out on a range of Symbian S60 devices.

What is visual voicemail?

Very simply, this service performs voice-to-text transcripting on your voicemail. You can then browse through your voicemails like you would your texts or emails. Most of the services also display time, date and caller ID.

From the release:

“Mobile communications companies all over the world have shown considerable interest in visual voice mail and they’re looking for solutions that will enable them to deliver VVM services to a broad subscriber base,” says Communology CEO Thomas Kaehler.

“We looked for a software partner who would enable us to deliver our Visual Mobilbox to the marketplace quickly without compromising on our high quality standards. Communology’s proven LiveMedia platform and reputation as a quality leader convinced us,” said Markus Nimtz, Project Manager Client Development at T-Mobile. “It took us just six months together with Communology to realize this development project for T-Mobile-branded clients, allowing us to become the first mobile carrier in Germany to offer VVM services on a wider range of handsets.”

What we think?

At this rate, every single phone will have access to visual voicemail by the end of the year! We’re really seeing a repeating pattern of behaviour here, though. As soon as an interesting new service raises it’s head, everybody develops their own version of it. We’ve seen it with applications, then app stores. Communology is the fourth company working on this that I know of. I’m sure there’s more. I don’t mean to suggest that Communology can’t take the competition – with a deal already in the bag from T-Mobile, it’s obviously ready to come out swinging.

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