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A: Group Texter
B: Location-aware C: Social Gaming
D: Dating Services E: Social Networker F: Media Sharer

Our guide to the best of mobile social networking. All of the major players have a mobile presence these days. We’ve shown sites in the most relevant category or the category for which they are best known.

Last updated June 2013. See the category definitions here

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BGoogle Lattitude

Allows you to broadcast your current location or a short message to anyone within a 10 block radius, based on your friends (and friends-of-friends) list. Superseded Dodgeball, which Google acquired in 2005 and discontinued in 2009.


Streams videos live from your cameraphone, and publishes them directly to your flixwagon account. It can even publish them straight to Youtube, for those who are brave or very careful.


Allows you to share text, pictures, videos and location information between PCs and mobile phones. It's based on chatrooms, with different levels of privacy and a 'Circle of Trust' to determine who you can send and receive from.

Social networking now focussed primarily on cloud-based games


Lets you create a profile and share messages, pictures and videos with your friends. You can also use it to update other social networking sites incuding Twitter, Bebo and Facebook.


Users create a 'loop', and can send free texts to all subscribers to that loop. Loops can be browsed quickly on your mobile by tags. Formerly known as Loopnote


A dating service. You create your profile, and it tracks you in real-time and alerts you whenever another meetMoi single is near you, without revealing actual locations.


Prioritises free (or at least cheap) global communication by offering services like VoIP, Skype and IM on your mobile.


Mobile gaming community focussed on HTML5 (i.e. provides a mobile website version, not apps)


Centres on blog and photo sharing. It offers the opportunity to keep contact between communities of invite-only friends, or to shout your presence to the world at large.


One of the large social networking sites, with their own mobile portals. We don't need to tell you what they do, do we.


Available only in New York City. Allows you to tag a location with a to do. Whenever you activate the site, it reminds you of all your to dos within a 5 block radius. You can also view and share to do lists with other users.


A Swedish location-based service that allows you to host and create text, picture and video files and share them with nearby rabble users who share similar interests.

Formerly Shozu. Interfaces with over 50 other social and news sites. It allows photo and video uploads and has live-feeds that download your friends updates as they post them.


A location-based service, allows users to tag on-line maps with 'stickies' containing text and media information. Other users can access these stickies, and socialight alerts you when you approach one.


Now ubiquitous text-based micro-blogging service. It allows you to send (tweet) and recieve short messages for free with other users on either PC or mobile phone, and provide topic links (hash tags)


A cross-platform site. It is based heavily on bebo, but allows full and easy access from the mobile internet.


A free web-text service that sends single or group texts to and from PCs and mobile phones, and supports most video and audio formats.

Mobile chat service, based in Africa.

Eairg.comTheir Meet/Share/Play mantra describes the main services they cover, i.e. connecting with friends, sharing info, and online games. A social entertainment leader, based in Canada.
EbinuPlatform for reaching all of your social networking favourites.
Achatmobile.comDoes what it says on the tin, with multiple plans across multiple countries.
Afimichat.comChat service popular among users in Jamaica, where almost all its audience is located.
Ffonebug.comInvitation-only currently

Allows you to connect with friends and people who share your interests safely, i.e. with security features. Emirates-based, popular in India

Chat and Games. Includes cricket, for those of you who know what this marvellous sport is. They certainly do in India!


Games site of Tudorgames


Social network and gaming platform founded in Singapore. Popular in India.

Amspn.inIndian chat site.
ANimbuzzNimbuzz is a free instant, mobile messenger & phone app for your Windows PC, Mac or mobile phone.

Qeep is the global social network claiming also to be the world's leading mobile gaming & entertainment network. Based in Germany, it includes a novel Sound Attacks, to blast sounds right out of your friends phone. Sounds a bit qeepy!

Drockchat.mobiFlirt, date, and chat on this site. Presumably primarily about rock music.

Online chat and broadcast 'ShoutOuts'. Popular in Kenya, Nigeria, India, South Africa & Ghana

FInstagramSimple and popular photo-sharing with fun, retro effects. Now owned by Facebook.
EFacebookOne of the large social networking sites, with their own mobile portals. We don't need to tell you what they do, do we.

Roleplaying initially made it popular with children. And the Irish, for some reason.Bought, then sold, by AOL, then bought by original owners (July 2013)

EMicrosoft Live

One of the large social networking sites, with their own mobile portal. We don't need to tell you what they do, do we.


Path is a social networking-enabled photo sharing and messaging service for mobile devices, launched in November 2010. The service allows users to share with their close friends and family.


Helps you and your friends find places and make the most of your visit. Users "check in" at venues using a mobile website, text messaging or a device-specific application by selecting from a list of venues the application locates nearby. Each check-in awards the user points and sometimes "badges".

ELinkedInSocial networking site for professionals

A local business directory service and review site with social networking features.

EibiboA popular Indian social web site. Offers access to game app. Useful for chat. iScream enables users to broadcast their messages directly to all online ibibo users via SMS.
DPeperonityClassic dating service. Allows video & photo uploads. Free WAP based blogs. International.
CTadkaliveClosed gaming site. Formerly run by India Games.

Chat. Play. Trade. Make friends. Find love. 50m+ users across Africa. Taken over Splashy_funpin.


Group messaging site.

FFrend4mClaims to be Asia's Number one Mobile community. It's amongst India's Top 1 Thousand sites.
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25 Responses to Mobile Social Networking

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  7. Name says:

    I am sorry, but mobisitegalore was not first site, providing mobile websites creation via phone opportunity. Furthermore – it even was not the second, or the third one :) . You should no trust on information on the main page of a site…
    There a lot of mobile sites builders dedicated for usage and creation via mobile phone, who are working for 10 years and more and have x 000 000 users. Mobisitegalore will never have such popularity. Check out Wapamp, Wapego, Xtgem and other very old and very popular competitors.

  8. Not on the list but should be:

  9. Excellent Information. Thanks for Sharing. Keep it up and keep posting new things.

  10. Distor says:

    Where is “airG” very easy to use, simple and straight to the point, no like mocco space that’s somrtimes with all those crazy color the profile are hard to read

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  12. andy Macandy says:

    wat abt 2go… Its way way better dan Mocco wiv 2much color..buh tanks 2 4d update

  13. CleoBritt says:

    Wot about! Qeep is friggin’ awesome!!!

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  15. Mukesh says:

    for indian users there is some social networks

  16. Duhi says:

    I think is another great site 2 watch out for.

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  18. 2go and miggle is better

  19. Ravi says:

    The best sites for Indian mobile phone users are
    frenzo chat used to be great until it started asking money for its service. Most Indian Frenzo folk are now online at rockchat.
    Many Indians also chat on mobile messengers like whatsapp.
    Mobile web calling via wiber and tango is also gaining momentum

  20. atif saleem says:

    i think qeep is best than other mobile apps. whats ur opinion?

  21. Thadd says:

    Splashy_funpin is the best i have seen. It’s a sc. network for teens

  22. rap rider says:

    i thank

    binu……… mozat……….. nimbuzz………..qeep………… this all best
    social network

  23. cassie lecesia rabilall says:

    i think are fast social networks

  24. Hi, I wish for to subscribe for this web site to obtain most up-to-date updates. Therefore, where can i do it? Please help out.

  25. admin says:

    That’s an easy one Jaks. At the top right of every GoMo News page you will see five little icons for you to click on. The one in the middle (third) icon is email updates. Alternatively, to the right is RSS feeds as the four icon. Either would work for you.

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