MWC: WorldSIM launches Orbizz dual SIM smartphone for international roamers

More proof that 2014 is year of the dual SIM phone

Pretty much as predicted by GoMo News, an international roaming specialist, WorldSIM has launched a new dual SIM smartphone – the Orbizz. This handset will enable users to receive free international roaming in almost 100 countries. The company claims that this 3G GSM quad band dual SIM phone is one of the few such handsets available in the market. Although it is unlocked, the Orbizz comes with a travel SIM card from WorldSIM (worth £20) that gives cheap call and data worldwide.

The Orbizz went on immediate public sale on the WorldSIM website and will be distributed worldwide to over 4,000 resellers over the coming months.

“We developed the Orbizz with international travellers in mind and we have had really positive feedback, ” observed WorldSIM’s CEO, Arif Reza.

Reza continued, “It will make life much easier for frequent travellers and those wanting to benefit from the best tariffs without the hassle of doing the dreaded SIM card swap.”

This Android KitKat (4.2.2) phone will enable users to benefit from being able to select the best network tariffs for their location as well being contactable on their work SIM/ personal SIM and travel SIM card.

As specialists in international roaming and data roaming, WorldSIM offer a selection of award winning travel accessories suitable for leisure and business use.

The company isn’t related to fellow roaming specialist, TravelSIM, as GoMo News originally suspected.

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2 Responses to MWC: WorldSIM launches Orbizz dual SIM smartphone for international roamers

  1. Willem Schoorl says:


    I bought Orbizz dual SIM smartphone and I am searching for a screen protector and can’t find any. Could you provide me with an address were I could buy it.

    Thanks for your help,


  2. admin says:

    Perhaps another reader can suggest a generic protector that would fit.

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