New boot screen for Moto G causes strange stir

We’re unsure why Motorola fanbois don’t like this update

Here at GoMo News we’re big lovers of Motorola’s Moto G as a great value-for-money smartphone. Looking through the suggested updates we noticed that one of them was the ‘Motorola Boot Services’ which was naturally, recommended. It’s aimed at the Moto G and Moto X devices. Reading through the comments, however,  the average person would have thought this update was a disaster. But it’s very definitely not. In fact, it is very definitely just a storm in a teacup.

Initially, we thought that the change to boot services – which control what happens after you press the power on button and the handset becomes fully functional, were aimed at satisfying Lenovo which is buying the handset business.

But that’s not true. The boot up animation in our experience isn’t radically different at all.

The description of what happens when you install this update is as follows: -

  • Phone power-up media selected based on location
  • New media added to enhance the phone power-up experience
  • Minor bug fixes

In a nutshell, as far as we are concerned here at GoMo Towers, the animated logo(s) on start up aren’t very different.

And if anything, with the update installed, the handset boots up marginally quicker.

So, given that the app is rated pretty highly at 4.6 (out of five), why are negative comments given such prominence?

Some of the users who have installed this this update, bemoan the fact that – in their opinion, the start-up time increases. Not in our case, it doesn’t.

Even more bizarrely, some of those posting comments against this app complain the previous version is better.

Well, there’s a very easy solution to this problem. If you visit that app on the Google Play web site, you’ll find their is a regular ‘uninstall option’.

If you’re unhappy with the update, then use that. No need to hunt down the requisite media file from the previous iteration of the Motorola boot animation.

If you uninstall, then the offending animation should simply go back to how it previously used to behave.

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