New Bytemobile service allows Operators to target mobile apps as well as mobile advertising

Bytemobile today announced a new operator-level application called MobileMatch. The service is basically a real-time analysis engine which allows the operator to push more specifically targeted advertising at mobile browsers. Importantly, it also syncs up with the scrolling widget bar service that Bytemobile provides, which allows operator to target widgets, apps and services at consumers.

MobileMatch collects data on the browsing behavior, application data and subscriber data of consumers on a page-by-page basis. Since it collects this info constantly it keeps abreast of any changes in a consumers browsing habits. It’s part of an overall service from Bytemobile called the Optimization and Services Node (OSN). Part of this service is an ad insertion service for off-portal browsing, and the Widget Bar (displayed below)


As you can see, the Widget Bar is displayed at the top of the browser no matter where the user is. This allows the operator to keep an up-to-date selection of targeted apps on view at all time. All data collected is subject to its privacy policies for subscribers.

From the release:

“With 85% of consumers reporting that their wireless device is too difficult to use for web browsing, the MobileMatch application allows operators to simplify and enhance the process,” said Adrian Hall, chief marketing officer of Bytemobile. “The new software pinpoints content that a particular user is most likely to seek and virtually puts it at his or her fingertips. The result is a productive and satisfying mobile internet experience without extensive search and navigation.”

What we think?

As intrusive, push-advertising goes, this isn’t too bad. The Widget Bar is fairly inoffensive, and it’s always good to see another channel open up for the distribution of applications. I presume that developers will have to pay in order to get their products up there, but it could easily be worth it for that kind of exposure.

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