Nexus 4 Bluetooth blues – an update

Try powering up without Wi-fi switched on

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When we wrote ‘Bluetooth blues – Nexus 4 users just turn off Wi-fi‘ about a month ago [February 2014], the story proved to be a smash hit with GoMo News readers. Well, GoMo has recently been chatting to our tipster – Roger Newman of Apex Cars and he’s come up with something of an update. He’s discovered that simply turning the Wi-fi facility off within the Google Nexus 4 doesn’t necessarily cure the interference problems the handset experiences with Bluetooth. Especially when trying to attach a handsfree earpiece. The solution is to power up with Wi-fi switched off, he says.

Roger Newman doesn’t claim to know the technicalities behind how his Hot Tip works – it’s purely the outcome of bitter experience.

If he’s been using the Nexus 4′s Wi-fi capability during the day for surfing the mobile web – for example, merely turning the Wi-fi connexion off didn’t necessarily cure the Bluetooth blues.

However, he’s discovered that if he turns the Wi-fi facility off; powers down; and powers back on again with no Wi-fi – then smooth Bluetooth operation is the result.

In the meantime, we’ve heard from another GoMo News reader that now’s the time to grab yourself a Nexus 4 – especially in the UK.

Apparently, the Nexus 4 is being offered at competitive prices because retailers, MNOs and distributors are currency promoting Google’s Nexus 5 instead.

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