Nokia 720 promo confuses GoMo

Nothing to do with speculative May 14th new launch, apparently

Here at GoMo News Towers we were puzzled to be suddenly on the end of a Nokia e-shot for its Lumia 720 model. We regard this as a simple upgrade to the Nokia Lumia 800 which we have on contract from Orange/EE. Nokia’s numbering conventions have always puzzled the consumer but in this case, the 720 is a newer model than the 800. So it can run Windows Phone 8 whereas the Lumia 800 can’t. It is stuck with Windows Phone 7.8.

Anyway, We did a bit of surfing an encountered credible rumours that Nokia is plotting to launch something – probably a mobile device, on May 14th [2013] in London.

Now the smart money is on it being the Lumia 928 but sadly that handset is almost certainly going to appear in the US market first.

So it would make no sense to launch in London. Anyway, Nokia appears to be locked into O2/Telefonica and we can’t see O2 even having a demo 4G network in place in time.

So why suddenly mention the 720 when it has been available in the UK for around a month?

Guessing, we thought this might be a reference to Verizon Wireless finally making this handset available to its users.

But a quick visit to the Verizon web site proved that bit of speculation to be wrong. No sign of it.

Which sent us back to speculating what exactly Nokia could be launching in London.

It sounds crazy but there is a tiny, remote chance that the company might finally have caved in and decided to launch a tablet.

Of course, it would have to be Windows 8 based.

What has always puzzled us about Stephen Elop’s tenure at Nokia is that he hasn’t seemed to grasp the fact that the company he inherited traditionally sold hardware.

Android completely now dominates the smartphone sector but Nokia stubbornly refuses to sell such a beast.

Why? Because it is running the wrong software. Nokia got to its height by moving from rubber wellies to mobile phones because that it what the market wanted.

What the market currently wants is an Android based handset or one running iOS. Get real, Nokia.

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