Nokia is only real player in WP8 market

HTC & Samsung’s WP8 phones account for >5% of sales says Tamoggemon

samsung &htc aren't bothered - hanna

Microsoft’s buy-up of Nokia turned quite a few heads in the mobile industry. Consequently, pundits expected rival manufacturers Samsung and HTC to both be ired by this announcement. This can not be father from the truth because their Windows Phones simply don’t sell in meaningful numbers, according to Tamoggemon Holding‘s CEO, Tam Hanna. So they aren’t bothered. These shocking stats were obtained by analysing the purchasers of Tamoggemon’s scientific calculator -TouchCalc. Even more reason for Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella, to ditch the manufacturing bits of Nokia like Google has done with Motorola Mobility.

The stats provided by Tamoggemon (see below) show that the most favoured WP8 device was by far and away the Nokia Lumia 520 with 33.4 per cent of new users.

Sadly, the line designated as “Rest” (with 18.7 pr cent) is actually mostly made up of even more obscure Nokia WP8/WP7 devices.

The most successful Non-Nokia device is the ATIV S from Samsung which managed a user share of barely 1.35 per cent.

According to Hanna, these numbers give credence to the rumour that Microsoft is investing millions of dollars into keeping HTC and Samsung on the WP8 (Windows Phone 8) track.

TouchCalc is a scientific calculator for WP7/WP8 (Windows Phone 7 and 8), but unlike most of its competitors, Tamoggemon Holding offers the product to its users at no cost.

Besides WP7/8, the product is also available for Firefox OS, webOS,
bada OS and Symbian.

We couldn’t find TouchCalc for Symbian on the official Nokia Store – so we’ve no idea if it runs on the Nokia N73. Yet.

However, we did find it on Symbian-Freeware here. The Windows Phone client can be downloaded from here.

From now on, TouchCalc users can expect frequent updates with new code for Firefox OS, Windows Phone 8 and other platforms.

Now for those stats. Over the Xmas period, new TouchCalc users showed up with the following handsets: -

Lumia 520 33.4 per cent
Lumia 710 8 per cent
Lumia 505 6.2 per cent.
Lumia 610 6 per cent
Lumia 620 5.5 per cent
Lumia 625 5.1 per cent
Lumia 720 5 per cent
Lumia 920 4.6 per cent
Lumia 521 4 per cent
Lumia 800 3.5 per cent
Rest 18.7 per cent

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