Nokia WhatsApp worries spread to latest Lumias

A legacy from the N73 which can’t run WhatsApp

nokia even shows whatsapp in 630 promo pic - bottom left

Well, we’ve seen it all now.Worries about the ability of Nokia handsets to run the highly popular WhatsApp IM [Instant Messaging] client have now spread to the latest Lumia 630. Reader, Jazzyn, asks … “Does Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM have WhatsApp? Coz I wanna buy it.” Well, Jazzny, the answer is a massive “Yes“. not only does the Lumia 630 have the ability to run WhatsApp, the app itself comes already pre-installed on this handset. As is the case with most recent Lumias. In addition to WhatsApp, supported IM clients also include Skype IM, WeChat, Viber, LINE, MySpace, Twitter,  and Yahoo! Messenger.

Notice that the Lumia 630 can run WeChat. Funnily enough, so can the Nokia N73.

Which is why we recommend those with N73s give up hope of WhatsApp ever running on that device and switch to WeChat.

“Don’t try to change your supported device on Windows Phone marketplace to find out”

Despite GoMo News‘ strenuous efforts to convince the then leading mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia, to rectify the situation and produce a Symbian update for the N73 which could handle WhatsApp – nothing happened.

WhatsApp hasn’t modified its client to enable the N73 to run WhatsApp either. Neither has Bruce Molyneux completed his project of modifying the code so the N73 could handle WhatsApp.

Now Jazzyn could have easily gone on to a good Indian handset comparison site like and checked the Lumia 630′s specs here.

To be doubly sure we went onto the Nokia India site just to ensure that the Dual SIM version also had WhatsApp pre-installed here. And it has.

What you can’t do is go onto the Windows Phone marketplace/store and check for an app’s compatibility like you can with the Nokia Ovi store.

On Ovi all you had to do was change the handset you’d selected previously; search for the app and the system would tell you if the app could run on that device.

GoMo News tried the same trick with the Windows Phone marketplace.

Don’t try to change your supported device on Windows Phone marketplace to find out if it can run WhatsApp.

The system only shows devices which you have registered. We tried removing our Lumia 800 in order to replace it with a Lumia 630.

Disaster. Windows Phone marketplace only shows devices you have registered through the handset.

Now we don’t know how to get the Lumia 800 settings back although a Microsoft help site suggests that it might be possible by running Zune on the PC again here.

It’s one hell of a nuisance, though.

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