Nokia’s bet on Android smartphones is working with Nokia X in India

by our Indian correspondent, Asif Shaik

Skype on Nokia XL

Many were sceptical about the success of Nokia X series of Android smartphones when they were officially announced because those devices don’t use Google’s version of Android. They use AOSP [Android Open Special Project] instead. According to internal rumours, even Microsoft was trying to put an end on Nokia’s Android plans. Nokia X might also be the reason for Microsoft’s hurried acquisition of Nokia.

The Nokia X looks very similar to the Nokia Lumia 520. However, it features a lower-end dual-core processor from Qualcomm along with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage.

The Nokia X is currently priced at around INR 8,000 in India but at the same price, you would be able to buy a much more powerful and refined Windows Phone 8 device, the Lumia 520.

But to everyone’s surprise, the Nokia X is doing very well in the Indian market. It is listed as one of the best-selling smartphones in all the e-commerce stores as well as physical stores.

The reason behind the Nokia X’s success is that buyers are looking at the device as an upgrade to its Asha series rather than an Android counterpart to its Windows Phone based Lumia smartphones.

Previously, from China stated that it received 10 million pre-orders for Nokia X and the first batch was sold out within four minutes of release. Clearly, its demand is much higher than that of any Windows Phone device.

Now that Nokia is owned by Microsoft, such devices are not only important to Nokia but also to Microsoft but only if they act upon a plan.

Most of the Nokia X users are first time smartphone users. Microsoft would have a better chance in converting those users to Windows Phone by providing them Microsoft services for free.

When Nokia X users think of upgrading to a better device, they would not hesitate much to buy a Windows Phone device because they are already familiar with those services rather than of Google’s.

With Satya Nadella as the new CEO, Microsoft has already started dropping hints of moving towards software by making the Windows Phone free for almost all the devices, starting with Windows Phone 8.1.

Nokia also has plans to release 2 more devices in their Android line-up: – Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. The Nokia X+ will be priced at around INR 9,000 while the Nokia XL might be priced higher (see at around INR 12,000 due to its bigger screen and a better camera.

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