O2 network down again but no compensation forthcoming

Customers told: it’s just tough, amigos

Over two million O2 customers hit by new network problems will not be compensated, the Spanish-owned company has confirmed.
Despite O2 claiming it had fixed outage problems that occurred on Friday, many people were still reporting problems connecting to the network the next day [13th October 2012]. It is the second time in three months that the UK’s second-largest mobile network, owned by Telefonica, has gone down. Around a third of customers were left without coverage for 24 hours in July, a failure which chief executive Ronan Dunne admitted was “embarrassing”.Then O2 deducted three days’ usage from customers’ bills as compensation, though the company says it will not be doing the same this time – but has given no explanation.

Meanwhile, blame for the latest downtime is being attributed to one of the carrier’s network nodes that help connect and manage mobile traffic, which O2 says is a different problem to the one that caused the downtime back in July.

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