Smartphones making many techs obsolete study finds

List of 50 items includes  sat navs, & Bluetooth earpieces

A study recently undertaken by money saving website quizzed over 500 online shoppers to ask them which technologies they think are now dead. Some of the answers such as typewriters and fax machines are hardly surprising. However,  the inclusion of many of the Top 50 old techs can be put down  directly to the popularity of smartphones. Here’s some good examples – pagers (thanks to SMS); alarm clocks; and polaroid cameras (cameraphones killed them). The inclusion of other techs is quite surprising – dash-mounted sat navs; DVDs; and Bluetooth earpieces.

However, if you think about it, they too are being killed off by improvements to mobile technologies in both smartphones and tablets.

One woman who took part in the study said, “I used to have so many different gadgets knocking around the house, but now, most of them are all encompassed in my iPhone.”

“When each new piece of tech came out we thought it was here to stay but then before we knew it they were out of date and something had taken its place.”

Other Top 50 obsolete techs mentioned included camera film, palm tops, Dictaphones, dedicated MP3 players and personal organisers which have all fallen victim to the smartphone revolution.

Louise Martin, from, commented, “Each time a new piece of technology is unveiled, it will inevitably kill off a pre-existing gadget.”

Martin continued, “Just look at videos. We had them for ages until DVDs took over, they’ve all but been killed off by Blue-Rays and even they are showing signs of faltering against online movie streaming.”

The only tech which GoMo News doesn’t think is quite dead yet is vinyl records because they are still in demand from DJs.

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That list of Top 50 Obsolete Techs (in no particular order): -

1. Cassettes

2. Vinyl

3. 31Ž2 inch floppy discs

4. Fax machines

5. Walkmans

6. Gramophone

7. Camera film

8. Video recorders

9. Betamax

10. Cathode TVs

11. Palm tops

12. Pagers

13. Dial-up internet

14. Analogue radio

15. Answering machines

16. Typewriters

17. Matrix printers

18. Word processors

19. Overhead projector

20. Mini disc player

21. DAT machine

22. Videos

23. Polaroid cameras

24. Disposable cameras

25. Reel to reel projectors

26. Public pay phones

27. Sinclair C5

28. Nintendo Gameboys

29. Playstation 1

30. Slide projector

31. Calculators

32. Tamagotchi

33. Wires

34. Dash-mounted sat navs

35. Alarm clocks

36. Dedicated mp3 player

37. DVDs

38. Dictaphones

39. Cigarette lighters in cars

40. Black and white mobile phones

41. Personal organisers

42. Arcade games

43. Wrist watch

44. Teletext

45. Car keys

46. Bluetooth earpieces

47. Magnetic strip cards

48. Credit card imprinters

49. Stopwatch

50. Ghetto-blasters/boom box

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