Only 12% of London’s iPhone queuers weren’t fanbois

Protect Your Bubble could only find one person queuing for the 5c

five times more iPhone stock this time - hooton

Despite CEO Tim Cook’s best efforts, it seems that the iPhone hasn’t lost its attraction to the ‘fanbois’, according to a survey by Protect Your Bubble of the London Regent Street queue [line] outside Apple’s flagship store. Some of the stats garnered confirm what GoMo News has always suspected – that most fans are male (10:1) and early twenties -the average age of queuers was 25.8 years. What we hadn’t appreciated is that they are not all Brits. Some have had travelled from India, Oman, Norway and Latvia. Interestingly almost one fifth (18 per cent) said they were waiting because they had missed out on pre-orders. No need to worry. Leading High Street retailer, Phones4U has assured us its stores have plenty of stock.

Significantly, there were around 2,860 queuing on the Friday morning [September 20th 2013] before the store’s doors opened at 8am.

Out of the 100 people polled only one was actually in the line in order to purchase and iPhone 5c.

“With just £80 between the 16GB versions of the iPhone 5s and 5c, it’s no wonder the 5s is more popular with some of Apple’s biggest fans,” observed Stephen Ebbett, global director with Protect Your Bubble.

“We are extremely pleased to be putting five times more iPhone stock into store for launch, compared to any other year before,” declared Scott Hooton, CCO at Phones 4u.

He added, “We are also proud to announce that we anticipate to have iPhone stock available in every Phones 4u store across the UK at launch this Friday, as well as over the launch weekend.”

So if any fanbois find that the Apple Regent Street branch has sold out of the 5s, Phones 4 u also has one in Regent Street and three stores on nearby Oxford Street, for example.

Some of the other stats from the queuers provide an interesting insight into the experiences of typical iPhone owners.

One in ten (10 per cent) had had their iPhones stolen while 13 per cent had lost them. So that’s a fifth of iPhone owners who need another handset. No wonder they have to queue.

Only 12 per cent of queuers had never owned an iPhones before and of those who had, 19 per cent had dropped and broken them, and one in seven (14 per cent) had damaged them with liquids.

Surprisingly, only just under half (43 per cent) said they had ever insured their hardware. Yet they are lining up to pay a minimum of £469 (for the basic iPhone 5c).

Let’s hope that no-one gets mugged immediately for their new iPhone as happened recently to some-one who was knifed for a copy of the latest Grand Theft Auto game.

Naturally, Protect Your Bubble’s Ebbett points our that, ” The majority of mobile claims we receive are for iPhones, and many people are simply not able to afford to buy a replacement handset.”

He continued, “Which is why comprehensive cover –which will repair or replace a broken or missing phone – is well worth considering.”

Wise words.

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