Only WP8 handsets can run BBM for Windows Phone

Beta version out in the Windows Phone Marketplace

Here at GoMo Towers we were predicting as far aback as March 2014 here that BlackBerry and Microsoft has cosied up so far that a version of BBM for Windows Phone handset was inevitable. Then Then back in June [2014], Blackberry CEO, John Chen told analysts that ‘BBM for Windows Phone will def be out in July‘. Well, he was right but the company left it to the absolute last minute to do so – July 31st! The bad news is that the app will only run on handsets running Windows Phone version 8 [WP8]. Absolutely typical. Not content with leaving all Windows XP users in the lurch, now all of those who went over to Nokia Lumia phones in the very early days like us with the Lumia 800 can’t have BBM. Although there is a glimmer of hope.

There’s a slim chance that BlackBerry has rushed out BBM for Windows so much that support for WP7.8 was dropped as a consequence.

GoMo News is basing its gut feeling on the fact that the app which you can currently download from the Windows Phone Marketplace here is described as ‘beta’.

We’re going to have to borrow a WP8 handset to check this out but from the initial specifications which we have published here, there’s quite a bit of functionality missing.

For starters, there’s no mention of BBM Channels which is a serious oversight for BlackBerry because it is trying to build Channels up as a major social media player.

Readers will probably inform us that other features which non-BlackBerry versions of BBM can offer (we’re talking iOS and Android) can support things like the BBM Shop and photo sharing.

On a completely separate note, here at GoMo Towers we are still smarting at the fact that Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows XP.

We are considering the alternatives and aren’t too impressed with laptops running Google’s Chrome.

However, if we could install a decent version of Android on an Intel based PC – that would be an ideal solution.

Any readers care to recommend a workable way of doing so?

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One Response to Only WP8 handsets can run BBM for Windows Phone

  1. Michael99uk says:

    Windows phone 7.8 is gone buy Lumia 520 if you still genuinely want a windows phone , and about Windows XP if windows license is the problem buy an 8inch windows tablet and connect it to a monitor with mouse and keyboard + plus windows is free for devices with 9inch and below which means free future windows updates.

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