OnMobile to promote sport event themed RBTs

GoMo invents the British F1 ringback tone

stroppa - hands currently tied

We’ve just had a very interesting discussion with Florent Stroppa, who is a senior vp for products with OnMobile, an Indian company specialising in value-added services for the telecommunications industry. Florent is particularly keen to promote ringback tones (RBTs) and was telling us about an impending campaign the company will be running shortly to promote the forthcoming World Cup soccer tournament. Apparently, Onmobile is aiming to entice consumers to utilise ringback tones through sports based events.¬† Naturally, GoMo News suggested Formula One (F1).

Our cosy chat with Florent Stroppa immediately revealed what GoMo News has always publicised for years – the market for RBTs in many geographies is simply too fragmented.

With mobile network operators [MNOs] constantly on the look out for new revenue streams now that SMS and even voice is declining, a technology such as the ringback tone is ideal. Even though it was first introduced back in 2003.

That’s because only the MNOs can deliver ringback tones. The OTT players cannot muscle in on this niche.

Trying to promote OnMobile’s campaign in the UK is nigh impossible. though.

For starters, OnMobile doesn’t provide the RBT capability to the UK operators. Muzicall does with its Ringtagz.

So her at GoMo Towers we won’t be able to demonstrate OnMobile content on a British mobile phone – unless we upload one to Vectone, a British MVNO [Mobile Virtual Network Operator].

Now back to that Formula One ringback tone. Florent thought it would be difficult to create an enticing F1 RBT. We begged to differ.

The BBC used to show the F1 races exclusively in the UK. Now it splits the races with BSkyB.

Anyway, the BBc’s theme tune for F1 coverage was/is The Chain by Fleetwood Mac. And it’s a particular riff in the middle of the song that was used.

Then the most famous commentator in the UK was Murray Walker. There must be clips of him saying key phrases like “another McLaren victory.”

So a Lewis Hamilton RBT would have Chain playing the background and Murray Walker saying, “lewis Hamilton wins the British grand Prix.”

Hence  you could create similar RGTs for British fans of Jensen Button, Mercedes, McLaren, Ferrari and even Force India.

There’s even an F1 team sponsored by Blackberry – Mercedes AMG Petronas so they could be enticed to provide support for a ringback tone – especially in Asia.

Sadly, Florent hands are currently tied. OnMobile hasn’t got permission from all operators to say that his company provides their RBT service.

Presently OnMobile provides “pure white label services.” However, he did seem open to discussion with competitors to promote each other’s RBT services to help market RBTs in general.

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