Opera Mediaworks divides 2.3m Brit iPhone app users into 10 groups

All the better to work out which brands they might interwork with

It’s an interesting concept – categorising smartphone (in this case only the iPhone) users via the types of apps they have installed in order to predict how they will interact with mobile ads. Well, that’s exactly what Opera Mediaworks (which claims to be the largest mobile advertising platform) decided to do. The research identified ten different mobile user profiles based on the apps they have. The research was actually conducted by The University of Nottingham’s Advanced Data Analysis Centre. Entitled ‘The App DNA Behavioural Study‘, it categorised 2.3 million British Apple iPhone users.We’re not sure how just studying iOS users helps with targeting Android users, though.

Curiously, the relationship between a mobile users’ app portfolio and ad categories with which they interact is not linear.

For example, a user with a high number of entertainment apps is less likely than other users to engage with an entertainment ad.

The list of ten types based on app choice is: – Savvy Shoppers, Cultured Elites, High Rollers, Average Joes, Fact Finders, Health Aware, Intelligent Producers, Smart Explorers, Intrepid Explorers and Career Minded.

Mark Slade, md for EMEA with Opera Mediaworks, commened, “The apps we have reflect our personality and these in turn impact the type of ads we tend to interact with.”

He continued, “Identifying and applying user profiles to ad targeting can significantly increase the probability of users interacting with mobile ads.”

“This will offer real value to brands, advertisers and agencies alike and is the reasoning behind the launch of our app-based targeted technology.”

Key findings include: -

  • Savvy Shoppers and Health Awares are least likely to interact with any mobile ad
  • Users with fewer video apps are more likely to watch a video in the expanded ad
  • All personality groups are twice as likely to click an entertainment ad than any other ad category
  • Average Joes are 75 per cent more likely to click on an entertainment ad than any other ad and are 4.3 times more likely to interact with an entertainment ad than a finance one
  • Intelligent Producers are over five times more likely to watch a lifestyle video to completion than Fact Finders
  • High Rollers are 43 per cent more likely to click on a finance ad then other ads

The study clustered 9.6 million ad interactions by 2.3 million UK iPhone users (3.4 per cent of the UK population) over a two-month period.

The top 820 apps were paired with corresponding iTunes categories. Ad categories investigated were lifestyle, entertainment and finance.

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