Orange France clarifies its Mobicarte offering

Orange’s Levi takes the time to explain advantages for travellers

those minutes are global - levi

Here at GoMo News we are always glad to receive feedback from our readers. As a result of writing this story ‘Orange invents complex answer to bill shock for Brits ‘ Nicolas Levi, director of prepaid marketing with Orange France – who is responsible for the Mobicarte service,  got in touch. He was able to clarify a great deal of the confusion over exactly what the mobicarte offering was. In our eyes, the most important clarification was over the pricing which GoMo had considered to be high. We’ve changed our minds entirely now because the included minutes are truly ‘global’.

However, as Levi explained, the marketing push behind this product will be kept within France for the moment.

In other words, it will still be easiest to buy the MobiCarte Holiday in France at this point in time rather than trying to buy it in the UK before you go on holiday.

What Levi explained about the inclusive minutes was extremely important. You can call anywhere in the world with those 120 minutes.

But, crucially, you can also use those minutes from anywhere in the world. So if you’re travelling across Europe, and venture out of France into Belgium or Spain – for example, you can still use them.

Indeed, those planning to attend the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona next year [2014] could burn up the entire 120 minutes in Catalonia!

So £33 for two hours worth of calls whilst roaming globally isn’t as expensive as we first thought.

Levi confirmed that the MobiCarte Holiday is, indeed, a SIM card and can be used inside any Orange branded handset as well as any SIM-free (unlocked) phone.

Interestingly, Levi claimed that the major interest in the Mobicarte Holiday is actually the 1 GB of mobile data it provides, although this can only be used inside France.

He also revealed that around 20 per cent of tourists who visit France never switch their phones on at all, whilst a massive 60 per cent of those who roam into France then switch their phones off.

One good bit of news is that for those Brits who are generally too shy to visit a shop in France to get a Mobicarte, Orange France is looking to sell the SIMs via the popular ‘travel’ sites. Which will make it easier to obtain one.

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