Orange invents complex answer to bill shock for Brits

Loads of unanswered questions about the Orange Mobicarte Holiday

is it a SIM or a scratchcard?

Orange/France Telecom has just come up with what is possibly the most complex answer to bill shock ever. The product is called Orange Mobicarte Holiday and is aimed at tourists (particularly us Brits) who are visiting the country for around two weeks (14 days). One of the very definite advantages which isn’t highlighted is that it provides free navigation for driving and walking whilst in mainland France. Jolly handy. You also get an unlimited Orange connection to Wi-Fi hotspots (in mainland France). Ditto. But the offer is incredibly expensive at €39.99.

Orange says, “Keep in touch with your friends and family wherever they are.” But you only get two hours of calls. That’s less than ten minutes a day over a fortnight.

And to which countries can you make those two hours of calls? It’s not very clear.

Over those same 14 days you also only get 1GB of mobile internet in mainland France. Hardly much if you are trying to send your holiday videos back to Blighty [UK].

The worst point is that it is extremely difficult to work out how you – as a British tourist, get your hands on the Mobicarte Holiday.

Surely the whole point is that travellers purchase one of these things before they visit France?

But on the surface of it, although you can buy one in an online Orange Shop as it implies here, how do you get it in the UK.

Just try looking on the Orange UK shop here. We can’t see which menu option to pick and there’s no search facility we could find?

Now on the French site, Orange implies that the Mobicarte is actually a SIM card (which might explain the high cost) because it says you get,” a SIM card with a French phone number.”

We suppose this will work in any Orange branded handset as well as SIM-free (or unlocked) handsets.

Obviously once you are in France, it will be possible to pick one of these cards up from a local supermarket or tobacconist – but the main point is that few Brits speak good French in order to do so.

All GoMo News can suggest is that if you think this is a good idea see if you can find somebody selling one on eBay.

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