OTA provisioning of HS 2.0 is the problem in San Fran

Some Android devices could be configured manually, tho

passpoint in the S4's settings menu

Flavio Aggio, CTO for the Department of Technology in the City of San Francisco, USA has kindly written to GoMo News seeking to provide clarification of why the City’s HotSpot 2.0 [HS 2.0] rollout only seems to support devices made by Cupertino-based Apple. (See our previous story ‘San Fran & San Jose launch Wi-fi network to rival cellular‘). The problem, it seems, centres on the OTA [Over-The-Air] provisioning of HS 2.0 settings. Aggio tells GoMo News, “Android and other mobile operating systems don’t have the capability of getting HotSpot 2.0 configuration for over the air.”

He adds, “Today there is no such mechanism for devices other than Apple. According to Ruckus Wireless, Samsung is apparently working on such a capability.”

We’ve done a bit of research here at GoMo Towers and it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S4 was one of the first Android handsets to offer HS 2.0 support back in 2013. (See ‘HotSpot 2.0 support found inside Samsung Galaxy S4‘).

Other handsets which offer HS 2.0 support include the LG D100g and the HTC One.

If you think your handset does have an HS 2.0 capability, you could try searching on the Wi-fi Alliance web site for confirmation here.

That’s because the Wi-Fi Alliance offers a certification program for Hotspot 2.0 devices under its Passpoint brand.

Intriguingly, a whole bunch of Nokia Lumia appear to have Passpoint certification but there’s no mention of Hotspot 2.0 in the company’s tech specs.

But if you look at the settings menu inside a Galaxy S4, you’ll find that Samsung uses the Passpoint name to allow users to modify their HS 2.0 setting.

Aggio informs us,”We will soon enable a manual configuration for Android devices to enable HotSpot 2.0 at here.

However, he warns that this manual configuration will require some technical knowledge by the user. Which is why it’s not an ideal situation.

Whereas with iOS 7.0 device, Aggio tells us, “Apple supports Over The Air (OTA) provisioning of the HS2.0 credential using their mobileconfig profile framework.”

He continued, “This allows us to push a TTLS username/password credential and all the parameters to a supported Apple client from a provisioning portal.”

Glad we have sorted that out then.

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