Prestigio users can now enjoy 200GB free storage

SurDoc allies with Prestigio to offer ultra-secure cloud storage

load multicloud on your 4500 duo

Mobile devices manufacturer Prestigio and SurDoc, the secure, cloud-based storage specialist, have teamed up to launch MultiCloud. The pair claim this is the most secure cloud storage offering yet. Powered by SurDoc, Prestigio MultiCloud will be available to existing Prestigio users today [February 10th 2014] via Prestigio Installer. Later this month, the app will be preloaded on all Prestigio MultiPhones and MultiPads. Users will enjoy 200GB of storage for free with the chance to earn extra by Tweeting or sharing files.

The pair claim that for the first time ever it’s possible to offer 100 per cent security for data in the cloud.

That’s thanks to SurDoc’s TruPrivacy technology which uses the file itself as the encryption key – so only the data owner can have it.

Existing users only have to jump through a few hoops to get hold of this free storage.

All they have to do is to search for the ‘Installer Prestigio’ app on their device. Fire that up and then select ‘To Download’.

The app will check for new apps and sure enough MultiCloud shows up as one of them. Download it to install.

Once you run MultiCloud, it will utilise your Prestigio ID which is basically the email address you’ve provided beforehand.

That’s it. SurDoc will even send you an email with a password for the system in it.

GoMo News is testing it out right now!

Read the full Press release here.

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