Q3 mobile sales generally down but smartphones still bucking trend

Android accounting for nearly three quarters of phone sales, says Gartner

Overall mobile phones sales are continuing to slow but Apple and Samsung remain in the lead and accounting for almost half of worldwide purchases, latest third quarter figures from Gartner reveal. As might be expected smartphones bucked the trend with sales up nearly 47 per cent over Q3 2011 though Nokia, despite its new Lumia handsets, still only managed to sell 7.2 million phones in this segment. The Finnish maker’s sales generally fell nearly 22 per cent as fewer Symbian handsets were sold – with Canadian BlackBerry maker, RIM, taking up most of the slack with its operating system now boasting the No.3 slot after Android and Apple.By contrast Apple had a solid quarter with sales up 36.2 percent year-on-year, a trend that’s expected to continue into the current quarter as the iPhone 5 launches in more markets.

Similarly sales of Korean giant Samsung rose by 18.6 percent due to its Galaxy range.

Gartner’s figures also confirm the continued rise of the Android OS which is says now accounts for 72.4 per cent of the market against Apple’s iOS’s 13.9 per cent.

Other Chinese and Asian manufacturers such as ZTE, LG and Huawei collectively took about 10 per cent of the global market.

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