Roaming specialist TravelSim continues its expansion

Plotting to move into the UK any time now

mikhail markin

Roaming onto another cellular network is a hot topic in Europe right now – chiefly because EU officialdom is mad keen to stamp out extra cellular charges within EU’s boundaries. With such a level of Media exposure, it’s hardly surprising that companies such as TravelSim (Top Connect) are expanding rapidly. The TravelSim card is specifically targeted at travellers – both business folk and tourists. GoMo News recently got the chance to have a cozy chat with TravelSim’s Mikhail Markin who revealed that his company is still rapidly expanding its reach. And one of the territories where it still has plenty of opportunities for resellers is in the USA. But not everyone needs to be a full MVNO [Mobile Virtual Network Operator] to offer TravelSim’s products.

Why the USA? Well, the answer is fairly simple. As a TravelSim customer, it’s now possible to land in the USA and immediately be provided with a ‘local’ (ie US) number.

What that means is that travellers can turn their handset on inside the airport terminal and call a cab (taxi) company which immediately sees your telephone number as local. Magic.

More to the point, TravelSim is on the verge of introducing the same ‘local’ telephone number facility into the UK very shortly.

Markin conceded that his company does already have representation in the States, but there’s still plenty of room for more partners.

And Markin’s not just looking for businesses which can act as full TravelSim MVNOs with their own call centres, etc.

His company is very flexible and can ‘white label’ all sorts of facilities – even right down to companies just acting as simple ‘resellers’ of the SIM cards themselves.

Markin also revealed another interesting trend. There’s a definite move away from voice in the ‘roaming’ sector.

So instead, TravelSim can provided cards that only ‘roam’ onto data services rather than both voice and data.

The logic behind this is obvious. With many smartphone users accustomed to using VoIP based voice services such as Skype and Viber, why bother to set up a standard voice connexion?

So all such travellers need is access to roaming data. There are plenty of ways of getting around the lack of SMS facilities this implies. Skype can handle SMS, for example.

The last snippet that Markin let slip was that his company has more than once been forced to bail out services which could potentially harm the brand.

Such as, for example, which the company has taken over.

So any GoMo News readers who fancy themselves as roaming solution resellers can get in contact with Mikhail Markin here.

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2 Responses to Roaming specialist TravelSim continues its expansion

  1. Jay Pring says:

    Interesting article. What are your thoughts on TravelSIM partnering with the likes of Australia Post in Australia? Is this purely to extend their retail reach?

  2. admin says:

    The company we spoke to is TravelSim which is based out of Estonia here in Europe. Naturally, TravelSim has a number of distributors/resellers on a global basis. One of which is TravelSIM (note spelling) in Australia. We haven’t spoken to the Australian company you mention so sadly can’t help you out at this time.

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