Samsung now asked to pay $3bn in damages to Apple

If agreed by US judge, it will be the biggest ever patent violation award yet

Apple lawyers will tomorrow [21st September 2012] ask a Californian judge to triple patent damages against rival Samsung to a colossal $3 billion.
It comes as the two sides meet again since a jury ruled that Samsung had wilfully copied Apple’s iPhone and iPad designs, awarding the world’s biggest company $1.05 in damages and paving the way for a US sales ban on about a dozen Samsung devices.
Now Apple is upping the ante by asking Judge Lucy Koh to triple the compensation sum – an application which, if granted, would make it the biggest ever damage payment sought in a technology patent dispute.
Four days ago Jodge Koh overturned a counter move by Samsung to halt June’s preliminary injunction banning State-side sales of its popular Galaxy Tab 10.1. Apple lawyers now believe they can drive the knife deeper by seeking triple the original damages because its Korean arch rival had “knowingly” copied its designs.
Behind the scenes Apple lawyers feel there is a strong case for Samsung to withdraw completely from the US market, leaving it open to proprietary devices from itself and Microsoft. Its toughening stance is also being seen as a shot across the bows of other Android phone makers such as LG and Taiwan’s HTC, which only yesterday unveiled two new smartphones but running Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 software.
Meanwhile top Samsung lawyer John Quinn is reported to be asking Koh to toss the jury findings out, adding that If she doesn’t the manufacturer will appeal.

* Leaked benchmark results appear to confirm that Samsung is working on a new flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone, despite the company’s earlier denials. New data indicates it will be Android-based and run on a Exynos 5 chip based on the Cortex-A15 core design licensed from UK’s ARM.

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