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Rating: Why things didn’t quite work as planned

Regular readers will know that GoMobile News recently reported on our inability to join in a quest for London Olympics tickets courtesy of Cadbury (see here). We were testing out the first ever airing of ‘Shazam-for-TV’. This technology enables anyone with a suitably equipped handset to ‘tag’ an advert being aired on TV. We questioned exactly what had gone wrong and have received the following clarification from Cadbury’s representatives below. It makes very interesting reading. Cadbury say, “We’re sorry that you experienced issues connecting to the Cadbury microsite.

As you mentioned in the article the connection error wasn’t from your end, as you were able to tag the advert using Shazam.

In fact, Shazam worked as expected for all users, the connectivity down-time was due to high traffic volume hitting the Cadbury’s servers.

Cadbury did manage to rectify the issue in quick time and also communicated with its fans on its social channels.

It advised them that the tag results lives on in Shazam and was not time-sensitive and the competition could be entered later.

So people who did re-open their tag at a later time were able to successfully enter the competition.

In fact, we have just announced that around 50,000 viewers used the Shazam App to tag the Pepsi MAX and Cadbury ads during the 60 seconds of airtime during the special ad breaks in Saturday’s Britain’s Got Talent Final TV show.

As regards to the Promotional Blurb where we asked users to, “Make sure you have the latest version of Shazam, for the fastest tagging experience!.”

This wasn’t linked to the connection down-time you experienced either – we just wanted our fans to make sure they had the latest version of the free Shazam app.

That’s because it gives them access to the industry’s fastest tagging – tagging adverts and music tracks in as little as one second on Android and iOS devices.

Do let us know if you have any further questions.”

GoMobile News is more than happy to print this clarification. It’s interesting that 50,000 viewers did actually get on.

However, our tag does not “live on” as described. We just put the whole incident down to teething problems.

Let’s see what happens next time and hope the ‘micro site’ doesn’t get overloaded.

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