Smartphones to kill alarm clocks and wrist watches compiles its Top Ten technologies endangered by smartphones

hunted to extinction by mobile phones

You only have to think about it to see that the dedicated alarm clock could very easily disappear as mobile phones offer a superior alarm clock functionality. The alarm clock has been named by web site,, as on of its “Top 10 endangered technologies”. Right alongside it is the wrist watch for virtually exactly the same reasons. Also on the same list is the ‘Flip camera’ which GoMo takes to mean digital cameras. That’s pretty obvious but read our story ‘You should have bought your camera fan an Eye-Fi Mobi’ to see why we don’t think that dedicated cameras are completely dead. Another question mark hangs over ‘stand-alone sa nav devices’. It might be cars rather than smartphones that kill those devices off.

Why is the alarm clock virtually dead? Well, think about the reliability of using a smartphone in its place.

Forget atomic powered clocks, the smartphone can be set to automatically set its own time from the mobile network to which it is connected.

So that means if you travel abroad – to Barcelona for MWC, for example, when you arrive the mobile phone automatically goes onto local time.

So when you set an alarm at night, the handset will automatically wake you at the correct time locally. It will even tell you how many hours you have to sleep before you need to wake up.

GoMo News knows of one journalist who took his extremely expensive mobile phone on holiday – only to have it stolen.

Why didn’t he leave it at home? Answer – because he relied entirely on the handset’s alarm clock function. He wasn’t even planning to make phone calls with the device.

We also know of plenty of other GoMo News readers who don’t wear a wrist watch any more because they simply look at their mobile phone instead. claims that docks used to connect iPods to speakers are at risk as consumers instead use Bluetooth or other wireless services.

That might be a reference to Apple’s AirDrop or NFC (Near Filed Communication) both of which could probably do the job.

The prediction which GoMo News completely disagrees with is that the current generation of smartphones will kill off the ‘BlackBerry’.

By which we assume the site means smartphones with Qwerty keypads. Nonsense. When you see the speed at which young children can type using a keypad compared against touchscreen phones, you will understand why this won’t happen.

As Laurent Cohen from commented, “As technology evolves and people become more comfortable with the latest tech, older gadgets are naturally pushed into retirement.”

That’s true. The cassette powered Walkman is very definitely dead.

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