SoonR Mobile Services for TeliaSonera’s Easy Box Denmark service

Rating: SoonR or later baby

I met SoonR last year at CTIA and had a great demo of the service.

SoonR is a company providing access to computer files and applications from the mobile device.

Well this essential for SMEs and other companies that need secure access to files stored on the PC from more than one handware solution. Convergence is the key behind SoonR and now SoonR has become an Easy Box partner in Denmark.

Easy Box Live Backup provides a series of back-up services tailored for the SME. The files are made instantly available on the mobile device and backed-up via the box. This allows 24×7 access to important data and information out of the office.

From the press release
“SoonR has proved to be an extremely agile partner, enabling us to launch a compelling branded service in record time and at a very attractive price,” said Roar Seeger, Senior Vice President, SME Packages with responsibility for the business area at Telia. “We’re excited about the ability to offer continuous back-up and mobile access for our customers’ valuable data. SoonR brings unique technology that enables real time backup on the SoonR network and anytime, anywhere access from any device even when any user’s PC is turned off.”

“We are delighted to partner with TeliaSonera in Denmark, and excited about our shared vision of offering compelling converged services across mobile phones and PCs,” said SoonR CEO, Patrick McVeigh. “TeliaSonera’s Easy Box offering is innovative and provides excellent value for small and mid-sized businesses, and SoonR offers TeliaSonera an exciting line of fast and easy to use new services for Easy Box customers.”

What we think?
We didn’t review this particular service but the one we have a live demo of from SoonR was fast, simple and worked with a number of existing desktop applications. We like.

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