Survey shows that Brit males take their smartphone into the loo

Rating: Existence of the ‘bogger’ discovered by shampoo maker

It’s a frightening thought but this story may well be being read but a Brit male seated on the lavatory. That’s the astonishing conclusion of a recent survey, carried out by Procter & Gamble – makers of the Head & Shoulders shampoo brand. Previously it was a typical male habit for men to take a tabloid newspaper into the toilet to help them wile the time away. Now it seems that around 50 per cent (one in two) of all British men regularly takes their mobile phone into the loo to surf the internet. That compares to around 33 per cent (one third) of men who still take a newspaper into the bathroom while they perform their ablutions. GoMo News is wondering how long it will take for a software developer to create a game specifically aimed at those on the loo seat? Maybe it could even be financed by in-app adverts for toilet tissue?The survey even gives a clue as to the maximum length of such a toilet game. It found that men typically spend a little longer in the bathroom (19 minutes) compared to women who on average spend 18 minutes on day in the bathroom.

The research showed that men are far more likely to be scrolling through their phone screens than browsing a newspaper.

It also found that people now admit to using their phones in the toilet to text, email, surf the mobile web and even take voice calls.

GoMo News remembers a trial (quite a few years back) of mobile TV carried out by BT which discovered that the lavatory was an exceedingly popular place for testers to be watching the TV.

It makes sense because most homes (as opposed to hotel bathrooms) don’t provide suitable access to a TV set. So why not use the mobile phone?

“It seems that for many people their bathroom is a little oasis of calm in which they can indulge in their own personal grooming rituals and get away from the stresses of the day,” commend Michael Douglas, grooming creative director for Head & Shoulders.

The bathroom is also seen as a retreat from stresses and strains for men, with more men than women using time in the bathroom to mull over problems.

Some bright spark has had the idea of naming this new breed of toilet surfers – boggers. That’s because in the British vernacular, sitting on the toilet is also known as ‘going to the bog’.

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