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Shazam claims our story on “boss” Fisher is inaccurate

Rewriting history is always good clean fun

It seems that GoMo News has ruffled a few feathers chez Shazam with our recent story on Shazam’s Fisher here. He’s described as “boss” by the Sunday Times, when he’s not actually the CEO – Rich Riley is. Shazam PR lass, Rica Squires, has taken umbrage at our criticism and described our piece as containing “a couple of things that weren’t quite accurate.” Oh, really? See our piece below republished from WAP Insight. We’d also dispute her claim that our story was neither fair nor an accurate representation. Continue reading

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Shazam boss moving heavily into advertising

TV advertising that is, not necessarily mobile ads

A really intriguing interview with Andrew Fisher who is currently executive chairman with Shazam in the UK publication, Sunday Times.* GoMo News regards Shazam as a pioneer amongst mobile apps because (the company of the same name) achieved something which nothing else had before. Rather than being merely the mobile version of a desktop app, it was unique and groundbreaking. The Sunday Times interview reveals that Fisher is taking the company in a direction which nobody could have predicted – TV ads. Yup, this British techno success story is moving from being purely a mobile into a multi-channel player. In fact, it has embraced TV advertising big time. Continue reading

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HuffPost UK advertises for bloggers

Rating: Comes with choice of 3 mobile apps

The Huffington Post UK officially launches today [July 6th 2011] and one of its first acts has been to advertise for bloggers. GoMo News spotted an advert for the news site on the back page of a free newspaper – the Stylist – in London, yesterday. Next to the headline, ‘Blog all about it’, the advert explained, “We’re looking for your contribution. Make your opinion count.” Don’t hurry, though, because the option to ‘Send us a blog-pitch’ is bugged. At least it does say the software is still in beta. Never mind because the news site does at least have almost a full compliment of mobile apps (where’s the Ovi one?). It’s hard to tell whether they point at the UK or US site at present. Continue reading

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Legendary dance band Faithless gets Shazamed

Rating: Tags built into forthcoming TV adverts

Here’s another great technical crossover coming out of the music industry. Marketeers behind legendary dance band, Faithless, are attempting to mix traditional TV advertising with the power of Shazam‘s music recognition software for the mobile environment. If fans hold up their mobile phones to the TV screen while Faithless’ advert is playing, they’ll be able to tag the band’s latest album which is called ‘The Dance’ Continue reading

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Syfy to offer TV clips via Shazam tags

Rating: Special content from Warehouse 13 and Eureka shows

Syfy (formerly the SCI Fi TV channel) has combined with music recognition masters, Shazam, to offer video tags during two finale TV episodes. The shows in question are Warehouse 13 and Eureka and they’ll be aired on September 21st and September 10th (tomorrow) respectively. The Shazam logo will be embedded into the TV programs so that users can ‘tag’ the show using Shazam at any point during the TV broadcast to get the customized tag result. Shazam can also be used for cheating during radio show competitions. Continue reading

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