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Subtle differences between IoT & M2M revealed

Effectively the Internet of Things is not B2B but B2B2C

We recently had the chance to have a cosy chat with Colin Aitken, business development direct with NextG-Com in the lovely environs of Staines-upon-Thames [UK]. He was helping GoMo News out with one of the great current quandaries in the cellular sector. Are there any real differences between machine-to-machine communications [M2M] and the new vision of the world with everything linked up together in an Internet of Things [IoT]? Aitken pointed out that there are subtle differences in the ecosystems. With IoT. services will be sold by one business to another business which then markets that on to the consumer. So B2B2C, then. Continue reading

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Bloodbath continues at Imagination Technogies

Second day of mass sell-off threatens its FTSE 250 standing

Worried investors wiped millions more off Imagination Technologies’ market cap today [12th December 2013], as shares slumped a further 10 per cent – taking nearly a third off the British chip designer’s worth in just two days. Yesterday Imagination’s share price closed at 193 pence after opening at 250 pence. But today it fell steeply again, closing another 10 per cent down at 169 pence. It contrasted starkly with the price Imagination commanded until early Wednesday, when its disappointing half year trading update sparked a mass sell-off. The two-day slump came despite CEO Sir Hossein Yassaie’s appeal to investors afterwards to continue backing his company, describing a projected drop in sales of smartphone chips as “absolutely a short-term thing.” Continue reading

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Bloodbath at Imagination after half year profits tumble

Shares plunge more than 19% in early trading, wiping millions off cap
But insists $100m MIPS acquisition is still paying off

Claims of “strong progress” in its markets for multimedia, processors and communications failed to improve investor sentiment towards Britain’s Imagination Technologies today [11th December 2013], as nearly a fifth was wiped off its capitalisation in line with a similar drop in its profits. Though Imagination posted a 19 per cent increase in group half-year revenues, coming in at £85.2 million compared to £71.4 million last year, its official pre-tax profit was down to £2.2 million against £10.5 million for the same six months of last year. In the first hour of frenzied trading, more than a million shares were bought and sold as investors largely headed for the hills. Continue reading

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ARM profits up a third as customers take to advanced designs

Record 48 licenses signed by 24 companies

Q3 [2013] results from UK chip designer ARM show profits up more than a third, with the company reporting that it has “a record order backlog” as it enters the final phase of 2013. The trading update, out today (22nd October 2013), shows that revenues for the period grew 27 per cent compared to 2012, with net cash generation of £111.6 million. Key growth drivers were said to include ARM’s advanced technology allowing a higher percentage of royalties per chip, with 48 new processor licenses signed during Q3. Continue reading

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Deutsche Bank signals ARM shares are ripe for buying

Threat from Intel has been overdone, it suggests

Investors in UK chip designer ARM have been overly spooked by adverse news, according to Deutsche Bank, which has reversed its recommendation on the shares from sell to buy. The bank has also more than doubled its target price for the shares from 470 pence to 1,080 pence. Last night (30th August 2013) in London the stock closed at 875 pence, just over 1 per cent up on the day. Since its peak in May this year ARM’s share price has dropped by a fifth. That’s largely due to the threat from Intel and its new Silvermont mobile architecture; the fact the US giant had also won a tablet design with Samsung; and concerns generally that the market for high-end smartphones is cooling. Continue reading

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Millions wiped off Imagination Technologies’ cap as shares sink to year low

Shares in UK chip designer Imaginations Technologies tumbled heavily in London trading today (23rd July 2013), following renewed fears that it had been usurped by rival designer ARM in one of Samsung’s new chips.
Separate fears of a slowdown at Apple, Imagination’s largest royalty payer and whose results are due later, further weighed on Imagination – wiping more than 11 per cent of the value of its stock by midday and sending its price to a year low of 251 pence.
According to reports, ARM has displaced Imagination as the partner to provide Samsung with an important large scale, integrated circuits design. Samsung’s new Exynos 5 Octa chip relies on ARM’s Mali-T628 GPU, while the previous version used an Imagination’s GPU. Continue reading

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Wolfson investors run scared amid fears of faltering Galaxy S4 sales

Shares in tiny Edinburgh firm Wolfson Microelectronics slumped nearly 12 per cent at close in London last night (7th June 2013), after investors were spooked by a JP Morgan report suggesting there was slowing demand for Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone.
Samsung is a key customer for Woolfson, whose shares conversely surged last month when it was revealed that it had signed a new deal with the Sout Korean manufacturer to provide its audio technology for its latest smartphones and tablets, include the S4.
Not only was Wolfson badly hit by the JP Morgan report, but so was Samsung itself – down 6.2 per cent – and fellow UK supplier ARM. Continue reading

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Shares in ARM plummet as key customer Samsung switches allegiance to Intel

New Galaxy Tab powered by Intel in landmark change

Shares in UK chip designer, ARM, closed nearly 8 per cent down in London last night (3rd June 2013) after Samsung revealed its new tablet would be powered by a chip from arch rival Intel. In what is being seen as a major victory for the US chip giant, Samsung opted for Intel’s 1.6 GHz Clover Trail+ processor for its new 10.1-inch Galaxy tab, making it the first top-tier device from the South Korean maker to feature an Intel chip. Continue reading

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ARM Q1 revenues up 28% as demand for technology shows no signs of abating

Shares surge more than 8% in London

UK chip designer, ARM, has made what it calls an “encouraging start” to 2013 with a 28 per cent leap in Q1 revenues compared to the same period last year. Revenues came in at £170 million against £132 million twelve months ago, while profits before tax were 44 per cent higher at £89.4 million. Key growth drivers in the quarter were said to be adoption of ARM technology across multiple platforms, particularly smartphones and mobile devices. Advanced technology also enabled higher royalty percentages per chip. Continue reading

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ST-Ericsson throws in towel as Nokia fails to deliver on orders

News that a major chip supplier to Nokia is to close failed to bring cheer to investors in ARM last night [18th March 2013], with shares in the UK semiconductor designer down by just under 1 per cent at the end of trading.
Sweden’s Ericsson and STMicroelectronics revealed they were to shut their loss-making joint venture, having failed to find a buyer. Some 1,600 jobs will be axed, possibly including those in the UK where about 100 people are currently employed. Continue reading

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ARM’s top executives in £20m share sale frenzy

Directors and senior staff in British chip designer ARM have together pocketed more than £20 million from selling their stakes since the start of February, cashing in on the company’s record high share price but leaving ordinary investors nervous.
Many of the shares had accrued under the company’s incentive schemes and bonus plans, measured against the performance of rival firms. But as ARM’s price soared past the 900 pence mark, at one point reaching 971 pence, so the month-long frenzy of selling started. Continue reading

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More key workers cash in on ARM’s high share price

Share disposals by ARM’s key employees continued their run today with news that company secretary Patricia Alsop had followed the lead set by directors, selling stock worth around £930,000.
ARM’s chief operating officer John Cornish also capitalised on the company’s current high price to dispose of more than 13,000 shares at a price of around 926 pence. Continue reading

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ARM directors in share sale bonanza

CEO and fellow directors net thousands in profit

Directors of UK chip maker ARM made a killing exercising their share options yesterday [6th February 2013], with CEO Warren East leading the way by disposing of shares worth in excess of £3 million having been granted the option to buy them at around a sixth of their current value. It came just 24 hours after the company’s stock hit a record high in London, at one point nudging the £10 mark after it reported a 16 per cent pre tax rise in profits for Q4 [2012]. Continue reading

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Guest Post: Top smartphone processors

by Sherrie McCallum, a technology specialist blogger

The smartphone processor race is set to experience another series of landmarks in 2013, with NVIDIA, Qualcomm and ARM all targeting increased speeds and better memory for chips. High end handsets like the iPhone 5 to the Motorola RAZR i, the Samsung Galaxy III, and the soon to be released Galaxy IV, feature some of the best smartphone processors on the market. The recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA also highlighted some key future trends in terms of new processors, with the processor market as a whole increasing profits in 2012 by 30 per cent, or $13.5 billion to $16.5 billion. What, then, are the best smartphone processors currently available, or soon to be launched? Continue reading

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ARM shares head towards record £10 mark after 16% profit rise

Shares in UK chip designer ARM hit a record high in early trading today [5th February 2013], reaching 946p after the company reported a a 16 per cent pre tax rise in profits for Q4.
The stock was up more than 6 per cent within an hour of trading, as the company reported profits of £80 million for the period compared to £69 million for Q4 2011. Continue reading

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