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Picking the right OS version to optimise your app

Rating: Lot easier with Android than iOS

If you’re monetising any mobile app, then logic dictates that you optimse it to run on the most prolific version of the targeted mobile OS. Currently, few would dispute that the two mobile OS most favoured by app developers are Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. So how do you find out which version of the OS is most popular. Well, Google provides a very straightforward answer to this dilemma. It produces stats on which version of Android is most popular with those who have bothered to download an app from the Google Market over a 14 day period. With Apple, it’s not that easy at all. Continue reading

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1st Android car stereo still not available from Parrot

Rating: Stealth launches in London & Madrid

There’s been something of a stealth launch for the world’s first Android powered car stereo system – the Asteroid from France’s Parrot. Hacks in both London and Madrid were shown the device but we suspect most of them were from the automotive Press. Parrot claims to have put two years into developing this device but is probably a bit embarrassed because when it finally ships it will be employing the Cupcake (1.5) version of Android not Gingerbread (2.3). You’ll also have to submit your Asteroid apps through Parrot initially. Never mind, we do have a vague price of €299/£299/$430. Plus a possible mid-May shipping date. Continue reading

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Quickie: as Cupcake rolls out, Android gives us a look at Donut

Android 2.0, known as “Donut“, has had a few details released this week. We’ve already had Android update news today, and it’s still too far from Donuts possible August release date to get too excited. So, we’re just going to over the main points real quick.

Android Search: a search service that will look at both [...]

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Android update: after delay, Cupcake finally rolling out in the states

The “Cupcake” update to Google’s Android mobile operating system is finally rolling out in the US. The delay, which we reported 10 days ago, must have been ironed out, as T-Mobile is using the same over-the-air system that it used in the UK.

What does Cupcake do?
It’s basically Android 1.5 – updates include an on-screen QWERTY [...]

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GoMo Buzzwatch: US rollout of Cupcake update to Android mobile OS delayed

T-Mobile has announced that it’s rollout of the Android 1.5 update, known as Cupcake, is to be delayed by at least a week in the US. Considering just how smooth and effortless the Cupcake rollout was in the UK, this has caused some consternation.

There are numerous bits of information flying around about this. Phones Review [...]

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