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JUSP still arguing it was the first with chip&pin reader

Actually it seems to work with the widest variety of phones

Some people never give up, it seems. After our article ‘JUSP to launch mobile chip & pin into Europe late September‘ in which we suggested that JUSP was not first with an audio jack based solution for reading credit cards, we’ve heard again from the Italian company. This time JUSP refers us to an article which appeared in the Italian version of Wired back in July 2012 here. This doesn’t prove anything about a first with audio jack compatibility. Instead it reveals that the JUSP device is the first to come with a built-in keypad. Incidentally, we tracked an audio jack compatible device from Square  back to an article in November 201o here. Such claims are an unnecessary distraction, however. Continue reading

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Junaio browser takes AR to a new level

Rating: Brand new version of this popular augmented reality browser

Metaio has just released of the latest update to junaio which it claims is the world’s most advanced AR (Augmented Reality) browser and open development platform. It is available immediately for download on iOS and Android mobile devices. The browser now features a brand new user interface. In the past, augmented reality apps have been clunky, unintuitive and almost impossible to navigate. Metaio claims the new junaio brings a fresh start to mobile AR, with a seamless swipe transition between the different features. It also builds on thousands of content channels from developers, designers and popular brands. Visit this page to be redirected to the correct version of the app for your mobile device. Continue reading

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Eventbrite takes on PayPal with At The Door reader

Rating: No excuse for not accepting credit cards in a field

Hot on the heels of the announcement of the PayPal Here offering (see our previous story) which can turn iOS devices into credit card readers comes the At The Door card reader from Eventbrite. Being an online site that has served served almost 500,000 events last year [2011] and has sold more than 52 million tickets worldwide, just like PayPal Here, the At The Door solution is aimed at events organisers who want to collect payments on the door. Companies that use the Eventbrite card reader will be charged a three per cent fee on top of the service fee. PayPal charges 2.7 per cent. Continue reading

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