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AV-Comparatives reveals 7,000+ dangerous apps in 3rd-party Android stores

Will this Chinese contagion spread to iOS?

A long-term investigation performed by AV-Comparatives has confirmed an increasing risk of malicious code affecting Android smartphones via third-party app store markets. The research, conducted between November 2012 and May 2013 on 20 major third-party Android stores, found 7,175 malware and greyware programs. Significantly, most of these were hosted in Chinese-based markets. If Apple targets the Chinese market with the iPhone 5C as we predict here, GoMo News wonders whether the same thing will happen with iOS apps? Continue reading

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TalkTalk strikes deal with F-Secure for MobileSafe

Extending child protection to mobile phones

A bit of a coup for our old friends, F-Secure. The company has just done a deal with the UK’s leading ISP – TalkTalk, to supply Android mobile device users with free mobile security software. If you search for it on Google Play here, you’ll find it should be compatible with virtually any Android device – not just the latest handsets. the clever bit is that if you don’t have a TalkTalk Mobile SIM inside your device then the TalkTalk MobileSafe app won’t load. Continue reading

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Sophos blames BYOD for increased interest in hacking mobiles

Rating: Established security firm now offers free anti-virus app for Android users

For a long time those with Symbian OS smartphones were genuinely safe from viruses and malware because no self-respecting hacker would gain any kudos for creating one. So the incentives basically weren’t there. The phenomenon of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is changing all of that, Sophos claims. With BYOD, the end user effectively selects which mobile device to use both at home and in workplace. The later brings corporate data into jeopardy and hackers have spotted the opportunity. Given that IT managers cannot be everywhere, all of the time, security specialist, Sophos has introduced a free lightweight anti-virus app which protects Android devices (smartphone & tablet) against malware, privacy issues and hardware loss. Perhaps, Sophos can replicate it success in the online market in the mobile world? Continue reading

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UKFast claims users can’t be sure where a QR code is taking them

Rating: Don’t blame the QR code – a lack of security is the issue

A Press release put out by a web hosting specialist, UKFast is definitely scaremongering over the dangers potentially involved with scanning in a QR code/barcode from dubious origins. The implication is that if you don’t know what you are doing you can end up with malware on your smartphone. The company claims that a recent attack exposed the security risk after infecting victims’ mobile devices with malware. Those malicious apps then handed over access to all SMS messages, emails and call logs on the device to the crooks, UKFast says. Continue reading

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Maybe PhonepayPlus has got something to hide

Rating: Watchdog still hasn’t learnt how to bite, though

Usually when you put out a Press release on 22nd December [2011] at 5.45 pm which says it has an “embargo 00.01 am 27 December 2011″, then the issuer is definitely trying to bury some news. (See here). PhonepayPlus did this very thing but try as hard as we could, we couldn’t see anything in the information which needed to be hidden. But – and this is a big but – the regulator is still displaying a remarkable lack of courage in trying to control the industry is has been put in charge of. Basically that’s the Premium Rate SMS sector. Now, it’s very laudable that PhonepayPlus has sponsored the PhoneBrain social enterprise competition challenges for 11 – 19 year olds. The finalists will present their ideas in January to a panel of industry experts at ITV’s London headquarters. ITV, eh? Isn’t that the TV company which perpetrated some of the worse cases of premium rate fraud (here). Yup, it is. Who’s the compere? Gary Glitter? Continue reading

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Filling the gaps in the Android UI

Rating: Nokia spoilt us with something that worked

It’s a bit of a mystery as to why the shortcomings of the bog standard Android UI don’t attract more attention and criticism. However, GoMo News isn’t afraid to highlight how it has managed to patch some of the gaping holes. Mostly this is achieved using freeware but in some circumstances, we’d actually be prepared to pay for the apps. That is, if it wasn’t so difficult to do pay as a member of the ‘unbanked’ masses. We’ve also discovered fixes for gaps in Android’s Bluetooth support and easy access to user ‘profiles’. Continue reading

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Untenable tirade @ smartphone data insecurity

Rating: Radware advocates moving data to leakiest of devices

It’s unclear what plante some supposed industry experts are living on when they launch attacks on the supposed insecurity of data held on smartphone devices. Amir Peles, CTO with Radware suggests moving confidential and personal information “as quickly as possible to a laptop or PC with proper encryption and security measures.” This is in complete contrast to real world experiences where laptops with highly sensitive data go missing on a regular basis. Those offering mobile security apps aren’t going to be too happy about his comments, either. Continue reading

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Nokia tie-up increases mobile malware risks

Rating: AVG highlights problem of untrusted apps

It’s the kind of side-effect that Nokia probably didn’t expect when it decided to leap into bed with Microsoft. All of a sudden the anti-virus people have spotted a whole new market opportunity. And so will the hackers who hadn’t show much interest in creating viruses which ran on Symbian, anyway. Now that millions of Nokia phones will be running Windows – hey, what an opportunity. So it is incredibly timely that AVG – best known for its absolutely free Windows anti-virus and security offering – has commissioned a study from the Ponemon Institute. Although a sample of just 734 US based over 18 year olds is a bit suspect. Did you bother to ask any women, we wonder? Continue reading

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Nokia promotes nextgen touchscreen shell on Ovi

Rating: Carphone Warehouse pushes Android in newspaper ad

It’s interesting to see that Nokia has decided to promote the benefits of the SPB Mobile Shell to its Ovi users offering them a ‘next generation user interface’ without changing their handset. Providing they have a touchscreen Nokia, of course, Meanwhile the Carphone Warehouse has been promoting the joys of Android apps to readers of the Sun in an newspaper ad. Continue reading

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How to protect your jailbroken iPhone from worms

Rating: The answer is alpine. What was the question again?
Checking out a blog on  ‘Virus migration from desktop to mobile’  from virus specialist, AVG, it struck GoMo News that the fix for an iWorm that afflicts only ‘jailbroken’ iPhones needs more publicity. Just change the default password from ‘apline’. OK?
Last month the security software [...]

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