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We’ve moved from hacking to pinging in the UK

Rating: Scandal drags in former IT hack

As the UK gets more and more embroiled in its own ‘phone hacking’ scandal, a few more details have begun to emerge. It turns out that simply listening into the messages left on a celerity/victim’s mobile phone voicemailbox wasn’t the limit to news journalists’ escapades. According to London’s Evening Standard, last week [Sean Hoare] claimed NoW (News of the World) journalists paid police to use their mobile phone technology to find people through ‘pinging’. A technique which allegedly uses phone masts to find a handset’s location.”  Nothing new here because using cell site location is a very well established tool in the mobile industry. Except the ‘victim’ is supposed to give his or her consent. And obviously in this case, didn’t. Continue reading

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How to find your voicemailbox telephone number

Rating: A little bit of anti phone-hacking advice

Now that it has been revealed that – just as we suspected all along – that rogue UK journalists were obtaining personal information by hacking into people’s mobile phone voicemail mailboxes, GoMo News would like to offer a little advice. We’d guess that the network operators were very lax in assigning passwords (if any) to voicemail mailboxes. This made it very easy for the hackers to ‘crack’ a person’s mailbox. However, we’ve made the unsettling discovery that it’s not unusual for UK mobile phone users to be blissfully unaware of the telephone number they should call to listen to voicemail messages. Failure to know this number means you cannot access the system to change your password. Here’s a few tips for those who are unsure how to get into their voice mailbox. Continue reading

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NoW falls victim to voicemail hacking scandal

Rating: What about heads rolling for wide-open voicemail systems

The news has come out that the British newspaper, the News of the World (NoW) has been shutdown was announced by Rupert Murdoch’s son, News Corp COO James Murdoch. The 168 year old newspaper has fallen victim to allegations that its journalists systematically hacked the mobile phones belonging to personalities and those creating news headlines. What GoMo news wants to know is why no heads are rolling at the major Mobile network operators. Surely somebody should take responsibility for the eaase with which these mailboxes could be hacked. Plus the fact that the British public still hasn’t been told how it could have been easily prevented. Continue reading

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UK Mobile phone hacking – no-one held to account

Rating: Industry buries its head in sand

A day doesn’t seem to go by without further revelations over the indulgence by the UK’s elite media in mobile phone ‘hacking’. And that is just it. There has been plenty of exposure about the fact that the mobile phones of celebrities and other news-worthy personalities were ‘hacked’ but little mention of the ‘how’ this was actually done. This isn’t the Nineties when it was possible to ‘listen in’ on analogue mobile phone calls. Everyone today in the UK uses GSM phones which are digital and the connexions are virtually un-crackable. No. What actually happened is that the vast majority of people’s GSM phones had voicemail facilities which were left wide open to infiltration. The question is – why wasn’t this gap plugged earlier and more openly exposed by the operators themselves? Continue reading

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Revenue loss frequently swept under carpet

Rating: Plus advice on stopping your phone being ‘hacked’

By sheer co-incidence, GoMo News recently stumbled across an old business associate – Dilip Mistry. He’s now at Revector and helping mobile network operators battle a form of revenue loss which has previously been swept under the carpet. His company estimates that ‘illegal call termination’ is costing network operators $150 million a year. The fraud is also known as ‘GSM Gateway’ or ‘SIM box’ fraud. Naturally, Revector has a solution. And talking of frauds, GoMo News has some useful advice for UK celebrities whose mobile phones were ‘hacked’. Continue reading

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Is it easy to monitor mobile phone calls? Weaknesses revealed in GSM

ccc168Every year since 1984, there has been an interesting convention in Germany. The annual Chaos Communications Congress is a meeting of international hackers, who convene to share information, listen to lectures and attend workshops. This year one of the speakers, a German encryption specialist, has really put the wind up the mobile scene – by claiming to have completely broken through the encryption code that keeps mobile calls on GSM networks safe from monitoring. Continue reading

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iPhone SMS security scare isn’t the first mobile panic this year, won’t be the last

iphone_logo1So the Blackhat conference yesterday in Las Vegas revealed a possible security exploit in the iPhone. If an SMS containing certain code is sent to your iPhone, it could allow a “bad person” to take over certain functions of your phone. While this is a genuinely scary idea, the reaction to it has been one of phenomenal scare-mongering. Does this remind anyone else of the incredibly similar scare concerning Android phones in January? Remember how much damage that caused? That’s right: none. Continue reading

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