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Aliyun mobile OS going global to spite Baidu

Rating: Expect English language version of Aliyun in Sept

This has got to take the biscuit as one of the worst news scoops ever. Following our piece on the all-new Aliyun mobile OS from AliCloud here , GoMo News received a hot tip from news blog Thetechnologyreview here. Sadly most of its story doesn’t make any sense at all but at least the site did get one thing right. The chairman of the Alibaba Group, Jack Ma, definitely confirmed last Friday [September 9th 2011] that an English language version of the company’s mobile OS – Aliyun -should appear this month [September 2001]. Ma also told Reuters that a tablet using the Aliyun OS should appear within two months – so let’s say November [2011]. GoMo News has always speculated that Alibaba wanted to turn its OS into a global challenger and producing a version in the world’s international language, English, is a big step in that direction. What we hadn’t appreciated is that Alibaba’s motivation in producing a mobile OS is probably mainly to irritate its arch rival, Baidu. Continue reading

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