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Aston Martin Racing leverages its brand in mobile space

Rating: Teams up with DCI Mobile to offer leather handset cases

If you got a strong brand then the best place to exploit it at present is in the mobile space. Hence, Aston Martin Racing has teamed up with luxury mobile accessories specialist, DCI Mobile, to launch a exciting new range of Aston Martin Racing inspired leather cases for mobile devices in January 2012. Continue reading

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7 Ted Baker iPhone cases for women from Proporta

Rating: Definitive proof that iPhone aren’t just for nerds, then?

High fashion meets high technology. How about this for a merger of two cultures? Experienced mobile gadget designs, Proporta, has teamed up with leading clothes designer, Ted Baker, to create a complete range of designer covers for the iPhone 4. The crucial point, however, is that the complete range includes no fewer than seven, leather cases, pouches and hard shells not aimed at men but specifically styled for women. Now an experienced vendor like Proporta has presumably done its homework and has established that there is demand for such a specialist product amongst women. Perhaps, the rest of the mobile women should take note that iPhone and smartphones aren’t just purchased by spotty, young men? Continue reading

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