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MWC: Windows Phone 7 games orientated

Rating: Will offer tight integration with Bing, though

Windows 7 logo

It appears that the very latest incarnation of Microsoft’s mobile OS, Windows Phone 7, is very heavily biased towards the gaming/entertainment sector. However, every Windows Phone 7 Series phone will come with a dedicated button for Bing to provide one-click access to search from anywhere on the phone. Continue reading

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It’s lonely out there in Vodafone 360 world

Rating: Waiting for Vodo to launch more 360 clients
One of the benefits of Vodafone’s new 360 service is that you can keep track of what your chums are up to. There’s only one snag. At present the only mates you can track directly are other owners of the Samsung H1 360 phone.
GoMo News doublechecked this [...]

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Vodafone’s 360 showcase handset teaser

Rating: Forgets to mention it’s the first Limo R2 phone
As Press preview announcements – such as the one for Motorola’s Android phone – are now making news, how about Vodafone’s attempt to lure hacks to view the Samsung H1? The H1 will showcase Vodafone’s new 360 Internet services for both mobile and PC environments.
Two days [...]

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Poll: Which Mobile Search Engine?

Opinion Polls & Market Research

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Microsoft Search Money Back and thoughts from the mobile side

Rob wrote about Microsoft and its cash back reward scheme for using Live Search. I read an article on Tech Crunch and commented on it today as well about the cash back scheme.

But then I really thought about it the fact of the matter is:
1. Cash back or revenue generation from search is a simple, [...]

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Is Social Media diluting mobile understanding via unnecessary branding?

Google Gears, Android, oneConnect, onePlace, Yahoo! Go, oneSearch, MSN, Live!, Bluebook, Pikeo…
I could go on stating branded names, but I won’t.

Social media is the rage. Mobile social media is the next step in an evolution. New services that try to make mobile simpler, faster, sleeker and empower the user interface are vital. Yahoo’s OneConnect or OnePlace; [...]

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