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Facebook shuts down Glancee

Rating: As it’s acquired the management & development team

Hot on the heels of its acquisition of the photo sharing site, Instagram, Glancee has admitted to being bought by social networking giant, Facebook. The management and development team have already revealed that it is off to join Facebook at Menlo Park and “to build great products for over 900 million Facebook users.” And the service is no more. The announcement leaked out last week [May 4th 2012] but already the Glancee app has disappeared from the Apple iTunes App Store, for example. If you visit the Glancee web site now, you’ll see a link for former users. This takes you to the relevant page on Facebook from which you can download all of your Glancee messages – if you were a member in the first place, of course. Hopefully, Glancee won’t go the way of the Zyb service. Continue reading

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Software analysis could be mobile operators’ secret weapon

Rating: Location based services could well be the trigger
The subject of software analysis and measurement wouldn’t have attracted anybody’s attention in the mobile sector, had it not been for the recent three day outage suffered by RIM. This showed that software is just another component in a complete solution, according to Lev Lesokhin of specialist [...]

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Location based revenues will double by 2016

Rating: Latest report from Berg Insight

Mobile location based service (LBS) revenues in Europe are forecast to grow from €205 million in 2010 to reach € 435 million in 2016, according to a new report published by Berg Insight. The company estimates that 20 per cent of all mobile subscribers in Europe already use some kind of location-enhanced application on a regular basis. Local search, social networking and navigation services are the top application categories in terms of number of users. The social networking category is forecast to experience the highest growth in the coming years. Continue reading

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O2 More mobile marketing service – the good, the bad and the ugly

Last week, O2 UK announced that it had reached six million customers in just six months after passing the two million mark.

What for?
The increase in customers if for the brands mobile marketing location based mobile service.

It is called O2 More. It is a location based SMS push service. So – according to O2 permission based marketing at its best. Users sign in and highlight what coupons or special offers they are interested in. Then relevant adverts are pushed at or near the point of sale.
Continue reading

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Australian Government Initiative: Apps4NSW

Winners were recently announced for a NSW government initiative called Apps4NSW. Entrants were invited to either develop an application prototype or submit an idea for an application. There was also a special category for ideas from school students. The aim of the competition was to find new and useful ways to deliver Government information to the public via the internet and mobile devices. Continue reading

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What do mobile operators think about LBS?

mobile-operatorsWe’ve just finished a great panel here at the Location Business Summit, on the network operator perspective on mobile services and location data. T-Mobile, Orange and KPN gave us insights into how they view the future of location services run by and through the mobile network operators. Continue reading

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Mobile location is the business in Amsterdam

I’m here at the Location Business Summit in Amsterdam – not even volcanic ash could stop this conference from going ahead. As location-based mobile services move further and faster in the public domain, there are still a lot of questions surrounding them. Questions about privacy, monetisation, advertising and hyper-location. Well, representatives from the most important mobile location companies from the world are here today to discuss these matters – and we’ll be reporting on the meat of what happens. Keep an eye out over the rest of the week for our LBS reports from the heart of the Location Business Summit. Continue reading

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Bad news for Google, as Skyhook attracts Motorola mobile LBS

skyhook wirelessThat’s two days in a row now we’ve had people switching services from Google. First was PayPal, now this. Motorola has announced it is dropping Google as the provider of its location-based services, and is going with Boston-based Skyhook Wireless instead. Continue reading

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The Location Business Summit

[ April 28, 2010 to April 29, 2010. ] The Location Business Summit is Europe’s largest LBS conference featuring a cast of more than 50 speakers, 250 attendees and a razor sharp agenda that identifies and solves the problems that all LBS companies are battling with. Continue reading

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Mobile location at the Location Business Summit: no BS at the LBS please, just good LBS

picture-13 Location Based Services (LBS) are the focus of the upcoming Location Business Summit (LBS). I understand that acronym-based puns aren’t to everyone’s taste, but bear with me – this is good. In April, major players from mobile location will gathering for a two-day conference in Amsterdam. If proof that location has “arrived” were needed, look no further than Google’s patent grab on mobile LBS advertising last week. Continue reading

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Windows Mobile phone from Garmin could replace your sat-nav

garmin-sat-navThe use of GPS-enabled mobile phones for navigation and location is old hat at this stage – so much so that “location-based services” or “LBS” has become a buzzphrase that gets thrown into most proposals and press releases. However, most location services on a phone can’t stand up to a real sat-nav device. The navigation services are imprecise and clunky compared to those on a specifically designed navigation device. That could be set to change as sat-nav company Garmin releases the Nuvifone M20 – a mobile phone designed by a sat-nav firm as a sat-nav device. Continue reading

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Nokia scores large for mobile location and navigation services in Europe and Russia

nokiaResults have been released today from a study into mobile navigation and location-based services. Close to 3,200 people were interviewed in Europe for this survey, with another 600 in Russia. The study found that an overwhelming majority of people regard Nokia as being the best for mobile navigation. Continue reading

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Location-enabling the world – Wavemarket launches its first off-deck mobile application with uShip

wavemarket Mobile location experts WaveMarket today announced the first off-deck launch based on it’s Veriplace Location Aggregation platform. Shipping company uShip is using the location aggregator to allow consumers precisely track their shipments in real time. To be honest, the actual uShip service is of secondary importance to me – the Location Aggregation platform is an extremely hot tool. Continue reading

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Flickr launches geo-discovery mobile web application

flickrlogo Flickr, the big daddy of on-line photo sharing services, is pushing a little harder onto the mobile web. The service recently launched a mobile discovery tool based on location-based services for certain devices. Continue reading

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@Mobile 2.0 drinks, LBS and Steve Jobs voicemail with Ted Morgan CEO Skyhook Wireless

skyhook wireless

The best party at Mobile 2.0 was of course the Smaato party at the incognito bar. It was a lovely location and a great mix of mobile elites. One of them was Ted Morgan the CEO of Skyhook Wireless. Continue reading

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