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Poppy appeal utilises NFC thanks to Proxama

Royal British Legion, Proxama & Paythru to launch ‘tap the poppy’ campaign

This month [November 2013] Proxama in conjunction with Paythru has delivered the first ever NFC [(Near Field Communication] campaign for the UK’s Royal British Legion. In the UK, the British Legion is perhaps best known for its annual Poppy Appeal. The Legion is the UK’s leading Armed Forces charity providing care and support for members of the British Armed Forces past and their families. It is perhaps best known for the annual Poppy Appeal (which takes every November) and its emblem, the red poppy. This year [2103] collection tins and posters across Birmingham have been NFC enabled – with the public able to ‘tap the poppy’ to donate to this charity. Continue reading

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We are not alone – others think Apple should support NFC too

Apple appears to want to own ‘tap/touch’

Here at GoMo Towers, we were beginning to think that we were alone in believing that it was a big mistake, huge for Apple to have failed to built support for NFC [Near Field Communication] into at least the iPhone 5s and maybe even the iPhone 5c. In fact, it probably makes more sense to support NFC in emerging markets. After all, in some cultures signing documents is a far from simple process. Luckily at least one other industry player agrees with us .As Neil Garner, CEO with Proxama, says, “Apple is now the only major phone manufacturer not including NFC technology as a standard smartphone feature.” Let’s be realistic here. NFC is going to become universal just like Bluetooth. But Apple appears to want to own ‘tap/touch’. Continue reading

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Isobar Create London offers prize to NFC app developers

Rating: Google’s lead NFC engineer is speaking

Claiming to be the UK’s first NFC hackathon – ‘Isobar Create London’ – together with O2,will award one winning team a £10,000 kickstarter fund courtesy of Proxama, a developer of near field communication (NFC) proximity marketing technology. The digital communications agency, Isobar, has teamed up with O2 to launch this UK event which builds on the success of previous Isobar create events held in Boston and San Francisco. Isobar Create London is to be held over a 36-hour period from 8am on Saturday March 24th to 8pm on Sunday March 25th 2012. Continue reading

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Nokia ties up with Proxama over NFC

Much as we predicted at MWC 2011 here, Nokia is getting very heavily into NFC via its C7 handset. Now NFC specialist, Proxama, has announced that it will be collaborating with Nokia to develop NFC applications starting with the Nokia C7. The announcement fell short of saying that Proxama’s TagCenter application will ship pre-installed in the C7 but that’s the implication. Continue reading

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