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Nokia and UBI join forces to bank the unbanked in India

Nokia has been a champion of mobile banking for “unbanked” regions for many years now. With major investments in mobile money service provider Obopay, followed by the launch of Nokia Money, the phone maker has been driving banking services to those living in poor, rural areas. Today sees a major leap forward, as Union Bank of India launches a major mobile banking initiative, powered by Nokia. Continue reading

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Mobile Money round-up: Zong, Obopay, Vodafone and Citibank

dollarsign3Citibank and Mobile Money Ventures are teaming for a launch in China. Obopay has extended its reach into the mobile gaming market. Vodafone pushes for mobile paymets in India. Zong has launched a new service to allow users to use their mobile for card-based payments Continue reading

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MasterCard finally brings MoneySend mobile payment to the US

MasterCard has launched its m-payment system, MoneySend, in the US. The service works via SMS, mobile Web or mobile application. It allows person-to-person money transfers over your mobile device, and has been available for quite some time now in 17 other countries. Continue reading

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Nokia invests in mobile banking, through mobile money company Obopay

Nokia has invested heavily in mobile money experts Obopay, in a move that shows the corporations confidence in the future of mobile banking. The exact details of the investment are unknown, but more than one source has noted that Obopay made a regulatory filing this month for sale of up to $70 million in preferred [...]

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