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Our Motorola Defy develops weird software glitch

Rating: Shallow attempt to blag the new Defy+ ?

Given the buzz surrounding Motorola and Google today (see our story here), GoMo News‘ problems with its loan Motorola Defy will probably get buried entirely. We think the subject might bear some attention, however, because it could be highlighting a potential flaw in the Defy’s upgrade from Android Éclair (2.1) to Froyo 2.2. (See our previous story here). The handset has suddenly stopped passing audio from a voice call to the handset’s own speaker. This is very definitely a software glitch because tapping the icon to switch the handset over to loudspeaker mode works. If this were a hardware fault then there could be no audio output. Could we use this an excuse to blag the forthcoming Defy+? Continue reading

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How to put a handset into an android.process.acore infinite loop

Rating: Your Android handset gets stuck without factory reset
A problem of our own creation has been taxing our brains here at GoMo News. We managed to put an Android handset into an infinite loop. Once the handset has started up, it displays a message which reads, “The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” [...]

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ZTE quietly releases Éclair source code

Rating: Includes code for ZTE Androids like Racer and Blade

It’s very difficult to predict the implications but GoMo News made the totally unexpected discovery that Chinese handset giant, ZTE, has been quietly releasing the Éclair source code for a number of its Android handsets. The list includes several handsets which are readily available in Europe including the ZTE Racer and Blade models. These are highly competitively priced handsets which should now be upgradeable from Android 1.6 (Donut) to 2.1 (Éclair). It’s now just a question of tracking down the instructions. Continue reading

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Official Motorola support advice puzzles GoMo News

Rating: Upgrade Dext/Cliq using Milestone 2.1? Surely, not

For a moment, it looked like it was possible to upgrade a Motorola Dext (Cliq) handset to Android 2.1 using the settings provided for the Motorola Milestone. Especially since this was ‘official’ advice coming from the Motorola Mobile Devices Contact Centre (UK). Disappointingly it doesn’t work. Attempting the alternative suggestion – a full factory reset, prompted immediate interest in apps backup software. This opens up a new quagmire. Continue reading

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