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Muzicall makes headlines in UK’s Sun newspaper

Rating: We’re not sure the story is entirely true, of course

There’s nothing better to generate a bit of publicity for your mobile service than getting a story into the UK’s best selling daily newspaper – The Sun. GoMo News couldn’t find this story online so we’ll have to tell you what was printed on page 31 (there’s a 1 after that 3) today [January 12th 2011]. Under the headline – ‘Dumped by – tone’, the article had this sentence … “The Ringtagz service lets users record individual messages that only selected callers can hear.” Um you can’t do that right now because we have just checked. Rivals can do so, however. Still, it has least put the idea of ringback tones (RBTs) into the Great British public’s consciousness. Continue reading

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Anybody got a ringback tone platform for Africa?

Rating: Reader asks GoMo News for advice

It’s one of those strange requests from a reader which you’re not quite sure how to deal with. He contacted us to say that he is working for a VAS (value Added Services) company which has a client in an African republic. The client is looking for a new mobile market and has hit on the idea of offering ringback tones. This company is obviously a fairly large African mobile operator with six million subscribers. What our reader needs to do is to identify a company with a ringback tone platform which is interested in a revenue sharing arrangement. Luckily, judging from the email address the reader isn’t in Nigeria, so this doesn’t seem to be a bizarre scam. Although you can never be sure. Continue reading

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ECT advocates carrier announce as RBT solution

Rating: Daft idea or practical answer

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that ring back tones (RBTs) aren’t taking off in Western Europe and North America as many had expected. One of the obvious reasons is that the general public don’t understand them. In a recent posting on the ECT Telecoms ringback blog here, Victor del Razo tries to come up with some answers. He suggests that ‘carrier greeting’ or ‘carrier announce’ might be one solution. One facility that his company can provide to mobile network operators, of course. But is this a practical solution or will it just make it even more confusing for the average consumer? Continue reading

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Why Xipto’s ringback tone advertising isn’t working

Rating: Some-one forgot to test it in UK

Back in January [2011], Patrick Allainguillaume, CEO with Muzicall, roundly declared that, “Ringback Tone [RBT] Advertising represents one of the largest untapped media inventories for advertisers today.” This followed a prediction just days earlier from Juniper Research that, “Ringback Tone advertising [will] hit $780 million annually by 2015 as consumers chase free airtime.” To tap into this lucrative niche, Muzicall announced a tie up with New York based Xipto. Together they launched Ringtagz Advertising with the aim of enabling businesses “To find, engage, and reward people who are willing to share specific messages with their friends.” Well, somebody hasn’t done their homework properly because it is impossible to sign-up for the service via the Xipto site in the UK. Continue reading

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How the UK’s only rock promo ringback tone escaped into wild

Rating: GoMo News finally solves the mystery

GoMo News has always agreed with Cool Tones from Cooltonesblog that in the UK there’s an enormous gap in the market for ringback tones (RBTs). As he says here,”One of the most obvious uses for a ringback tone which we’ve identified is to promote an unsigned (rock) band. Our research has shown that at least one UK act – Craig Custance Starman – did this very thing back in April 2010.” Sadly the trail went cold there and GoMo News was unable to discover how on Earth Starman had managed to produce its ringback tone. Until last night! GoMo News can exclusively reveal that it was actually an inside job. Continue reading

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Mobile Streams partners with Huawei over apps

Rating: App catalogue available in China & Middle East

Leading content aggregator, Mobile Streams, has struck a deal with China’s top telecom solution provider, Huawei, for distribution of its Appitalism.com app catalogue. This will now be offered into selected regions within the Huawei’s extensive network in Asia and the Middle East. CEO of Mobile Streams, Simon Buckingham, commented, “Our partnership with Huawei will ensure that our app catalogue is placed with Asia’s most prominent mobile operators in a market that is enthusiastic about smartphones, apps and portable devices.” Continue reading

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T-Mobile officially rebrands Caller Tunes to Ringtagz

Ratings: Muzicall now offers ringback tones to 3 UK networks

In the UK, T-Mobile has just announced to its existing Caller Tunes customers that the service will from now on be known as RingTagz. This means that Muzicall is now supplying its ringback tone (RBT) service to three of the Top Six UK operators: – T-Mobile; Virgin; and Orange. Despite the fact that in Asian markets RBTs are a major source of operator revenue, in most of Europe and North America they have failed to take off. Mainly because consumers have no idea what a ringback tone is, and operators have yet to promote them heavily. See GoMo News‘ earlier story here. Continue reading

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Mobile advertising and marketing hot news: Android, display and ringback

Welcome to the round-up of today’s hottest mobile marketing and advertising stories from GoMo News! ICM Research warns marketers to stay ahead of the Android game; the GSMA announced the nominees for 16th Annual Global Mobile Awards; display advertising on mobile comes under fire; and much more… Continue reading

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Slightly scary mobile ringback move from China Mobile

chinamobile China Mobile has announced it will be centralising its mobile ringback tone service. From the start of 2010, none of its 31 provincial operators will be allowed to sell their own ringback tones. All tones will be stored in a central location in Sichuan, providing an identical service to all China Mobile customers.
Continue reading

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Afortel releases version 2.0 of it’s mobile voice advertising service

Adfortel today announced the release of it’s mobile voice advertising service, VoiceAds Engine. What does it do? It takes ringback tones, and turns them into advertisement. According to Adfortel, we spend 15 seconds on average listening to dial-tones while we wait for someone to pick up the phone. VoiceAds is an opt-in service that sticks [...]

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